One Of The Best Ways To Refresh Your Undereye Bags

It’s no secret that this is the age of the selfie. 

With so many people taking pictures of themselves on a regular basis, it’s important to look and feel your best at all times. The problem is that most people have dark circles and wrinkles under their eyes as a consequence of genetics, ageing, and stress. Dark circles under the eyes are difficult to cover up with makeup and leave many people feeling self-conscious about how they appear in photos.

Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help to minimise these problems and reduce the appearance of undereye bags, wrinkles, dark circles, and other effects of ageing under the eyes. For those who struggle with these issues, PRP and PRF injections are an effective means of improving the appearance of under-eye skin without requiring surgery or extensive downtime. 

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from this treatment if you choose to have it done:

What Are PRP And PRF?

PRP and PRF are acronyms for “platelet-rich plasma” and “platelet-rich fibrin”, respectively. Both of these treatments use your own blood as the “raw material” for the solution that is injected into your skin. 

PRP and PRF are used for a wide variety of cosmetic and medical applications. They are particularly helpful for under-eye issues that cause dark circles, sagging, and wrinkles. PRP and PRF injections are often used in conjunction with other treatments, such as laser treatment, IPL, and dermal fillers.

PRP and PRF injections are exactly what they sound like. A small amount of your blood is drawn out, and the platelets are separated out. The remaining blood is then put back into your body. Platelets are rich in growth factors, which are responsible for repairing and regenerating tissue. These growth factors are then applied to the skin around the eyes in order to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and sagging. 

PRP and PRF are particularly useful for eye issues because they can be applied directly to the skin without any risk of causing damage to the delicate muscles, ligaments, and blood vessels that surround the eyes. You will need to attend a clinic in order to receive the treatment so it’s worth making sure you visit experts in the procedure like the team at Hair and Skin Science.

How Do PRP And PRF Injections Help?

One explanation as to why these procedures are so effective is that these injections help to promote collagen production, which causes the skin to become firmer, smoother, and less saggy. Growth factors in the platelet-rich plasma are also known to improve the appearance of under-eye circles by improving the rate at which skin cells turn over, which allows old and damaged cells to be sloughed off more quickly and replaced with fresh new ones. All of these together can cause dramatic improvements in the appearance and health of the skin under the eyes. Read more on PRF Eye Rejuvenation.

The Benefits Of Using PRP And PRF For Under Eyes

There are a number of benefits associated with PRP and PRF injections for under-eye issues, including the fact that there is minimal downtime associated with this treatment. Depending on the individual, PRP and PRF injections could result in visible improvements as early as one week after treatment. It’s also worth noting that PRP and PRF injections are less expensive than other treatment options like dermal fillers and laser treatments. PRP and PRF injections are also relatively safe, with minimal risk of serious side effects. There may be minor side effects associated with PRP and PRF injections, including swelling, bruising, and itching. However, these side effects are often short-term and can be easily treated with over-the-counter medications. PRP and PRF injections are also non-surgical procedures, which means they are less expensive than surgical procedures and have less risk of serious complications. 

PRP and PRF injections are effective treatments for under-eye issues like dark circles, sagging, and wrinkles, that once completed, give a significant improvement in how the skin on your under eyes looks and feels. They are non-surgical procedures that can be completed in the comfort of Hair Skin Science’s state-of-the-art clinics. However, it’s important to note that PRP and PRF injections are not appropriate for every under-eye issue. For example, PRP and PRF injections are not effective at treating eye bags or puffy eyes, which are caused by fluid retention in this area. Before considering PRP or PRF injections, it’s important to consult with the medical professionals at Hair Skin Science to determine if this treatment is right for you or what alternatives could help you look and feel great.


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