Our top 10 couches and sofa covers

Couch and sofa covers are covers for your couch rather than covers to make your couch look new again.

The best way to protect your furniture is with covers that are easy on and off, covers that fit well, covers that are washable or machine-washable, covers that do not have skirting, covers that have a sturdy belt, covers that have elastic in the hems and covers that look stylish.

There are covers available in a range of fabrics and covers available for any budget (from cheap to expensive). Let’s start with covers that look absolutely fabulous!

  1. Lee’s Sofa covers use high-end fabrics and give your furniture a designer look. They are available in over 1000 designs. 
  2. Covers for Sofas is an online store selling covers at very reasonable prices that can be both machine or hand washed (depending on the fabric).
  3. Chezmoi Collection Best Selling sofa covers are made of two layers of waterproof polyester with nonwoven material sandwiched between them which helps protect against spills without seeping through to the other side like thinner covers do. These covers come in over 60 colors and patterns to choose from and they have covers that fit sofa and sectional sofas, covers for loveseats and covers for chairs.
  4. Modernize has covers for couch covers in a variety of fabrics from cotton to micro suede. You can also get covers with matching pillows – pillow covers are available in over 60 styles 

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Which covers are machine washable?

Modern covers like covers by Covers for Sofas and Becca’s Covers are machine or hand washable. 

Lee’s Sofa covers can be hand washed, though some people have machine washed these covers without any problems too! Most covers by Chezmoi Collection Best Selling Sofa covers are dry clean only – this means that you should take them to the dry cleaners to get them cleaned. However, there is one exception: The water based cleaning solvent safe Acrylic fabric is self-cleaning with soap and water which makes it easy to maintain. This fabric cannot be dry cleaned so if you purchase a cover made of this fabric, you can launder it at home using your washer and a mild detergent. 

How often should covers be washed?

I would suggest that covers be machine or hand washed as needed depending on the fabric. Some covers have separate covers for the seat/back cushions and for the back of the sofa – these covers can be ripped off to wash as individual covers. And some covers come with separate covers so it is possible to change covers, washing one at a time until all of them are clean and then replacing them all on your furniture again. Many people also prefer to protect their upholstery with slipcovers/covers which can easily be taken out and cleaned (or replaced if they need it). 

How much do covers cost?

You can get covers for as little as $10 (for covers by Modernize) to over $900 (Lee’s Sofa covers). Most covers are available at prices between $50 and $150. Chezmoi Collection Best Selling Sofas come with a 30-day return policy which means that you can return them if they don’t work out for you within this time period. And since most covers are machine or hand washable, these covers will not be too dirty once you decide to send them back! Covers by Covers for Sofas, Becca’s covers and Modernize all come with free shipping in the US. 


Covers for Sofas covers and covers by Becca’s covers and Modernize are machine or hand washable and come in a variety of designs and materials. Covers by Chezmoi Collection Best Selling Sofa covers are dry clean only, but covers come with matching pillows so you can change these covers as needed. 

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