Purple Haze Feminized

Purple Haze feminized seeds have a storied and exotic history, unlike any other cannabis strain. The strain drags you right back to the time of their unison in the counterculture sixties. It seduces you with its lavender hue and rocks you with the eponymous soundtrack Jimi Hendrix crafted of a dream.

Fifty years have passed since then, yet Purple Haze remains one of the cannabis community’s enduring success stories. While not on the high end of the power spectrum in THC terms, this hybrid scores for its long-lasting, invigorating effects.

We’re about to tell you where to buy Purple Haze feminized cannabis seeds and guide you from germination to cultivation and harvest. The truth of Hendrix’s song is that it was probably about a popular purple LSD doing the rounds in the ‘60s. Join us as we separate some hazy fictions from matters of Purple Haze fact.

Purple Haze feminized seeds description

These Purple Haze seeds are feminized, which means you won’t have to worry about males spoiling your crop. Sexing and weeding out males becomes redundant. 

Purple Haze plants are more productive and give the best results if growing conditions are prime or carefully regulated. Give your plants the best start to life by following our simple step-by-step germination guide. 

Feminized seeds make life much easier for novice growers because you don’t need to determine the sex and eliminate half your grow. Feminized Purple Haze seeds grow easily in several climates and situations and resist infection and infestation well. The soil’s pH determines the intensity of the famed purple color of the buds.

Purple Haze feminized seeds are the first thing you’ll need when you decide to grow this strain. Homegrown Cannabis Co. seeds are high-quality with stabilized genetics.

Purple Haze feminized effects 

Being a sativa dominant strain, Purple Haze feminized is excellent for daytime use as the effects don’t lead to any indica-styled lethargy or laziness. Instead, you’ll get an energy boost that’s great for taking a walk or a hike or going to a party. 

The effects are active, and, as Hendrix noted, Purple Haze is “all in my brain.” They are primarily mental, providing an intense cerebral high that stimulates the mind, creativity, and sociability. Users can be certain of mood improvement and happy and positive feelings.

Hendrix warned, “that girl put a spell on me,” and that it may just “blow your mind,” so proceed with caution. While THC levels are moderate at 14–18%, a little goes a long way and can lead to an extended period of almost psychedelic uplift. The euphoria is intensely relaxing and elicits creativity.  

This famous strain is beloved for its capacity to ease anxiety around social interactions. It does this by quieting inhibitions and reducing self-consciousness. This makes it perfect for use during the day or equally after-hours when letting your hair down. 

Some people call it the ultimate mood-booster—and for a good reason. It rapidly welcomes in a euphoric joy that is hard to shift. 

The belated calming effect of the indica genetics relaxes the body and mind and fosters focus. This improves the ability of users to take on time-consuming creative tasks. It retains your attention to such a degree you “don’t know if it’s day or night.”

You won’t get any sedative or numbing couchlock feelings with Purple Haze cannabis, but novices should heed Hendrix’s warnings. Paranoia and anxiety may occur if you overindulge. 

Side-effects from Purple Haze may be “all in my eyes,” so keep some eye drops handy. This strain might lead to symptoms of cottonmouth. Stock up on your favorite beverage. Because of its energizing effects, taking Purple Haze cannabis before bed may be counterproductive.

Purple Haze feminized flavors

Exotic Purple Haze feminized seeds produce inviting, delicious buds that smell of berries with sweet and tangy tones. The crop has a fresh, sweet, and earthy flavor comparable to freshly picked blueberries.

The smell is enticing and encourages your taste buds before you even light up. The flavor is amazing, retaining the berries and earthiness while adding spice. The fragrant smoke lingers and leaves a sweet aftertaste of grapes. Purple Haze marijuana is an extremely smooth smoke. 

How to Germinate  Purple Haze feminized seeds

Once you’ve got your Purple Haze feminized seeds, you’ll need to germinate them. Follow this simple, step-by-step guide to get your seedlings going: 

  1. Gather your supplies: You’ll need two dinner plates, two pieces of paper towel, bottled water, tweezers, and feminized Purple Haze seeds.
  2. First plate: Wet one paper towel with bottled water and squeeze out the excess. Lay it flat on the plate.
  3. Space your seeds: Use the tweezers to locate your seeds on the paper towel, with at least an inch of space between them.
  4. Second paper towel: Use the bottled water to dampen the second paper towel and drape it over the seeds. Peel the paper back easily to check there is no standing water.
  5. Second plate: Cover the paper towels with the top plate and keep it in a warm, dry, dark spot. A drawer or cupboard works well, but some growers rest it atop the fridge. The temperature should remain between 70–77 degrees Fahrenheit (21–25 degrees Celsius).
  6. Time: The seeds will germinate a fresh new taproot within 24–120 hours (1–5 days). Make sure the medium remains moist and never dries out completely. 

If they don’t produce a tap root in five days, they won’t. Once they’ve germinated and sprouted a decent root, transplant your seedlings into pots. Purple Haze feminized seeds limit the waste associated with growing males, which you eventually need to discard.

An even more reliable method is using seedling starter plugs. These ease the process and provide micronutrients so that your seedling shows explosive growth from the start. Plop the cannabis seed in the provided hole and pinch it gently shut. This trusted method reduces the chance for error and produces high germination rates. 

For older seeds and those with hard shells, soaking them in a glass of slightly warm water usually does the trick. Most seeds start afloat and eventually sink to the bottom, where you’ll see the taproot emerge. Remove seeds from the glass after 24–32 hours, or they could drown. If they haven’t yet germinated, leave them in a warm, humid spot to complete the process. 

You could also go the natural route and plant your Purple Haze feminized seeds directly into their final growing medium. There’s something to be said for this natural method. It avoids the potential shock of transplanting, and your seedling starts to adjust to its environment from the beginning.

Purple Haze feminized seeds grow information

While sativas are more tricky to grow in general, Purple Haze feminized bucks the trend. They can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. The seeds grow into hardy plants that ward off mold well and have a high resistance to disease and wind. 

Even novices should be confident growing original old-school classic Purple Haze feminized seeds. Beginners’ mistakes more often aren’t definitive with this forgiving strain. 

Growing these plants is a thrill when you see the eventual emergence of the namesake purple flowers during bloom. You can complement the subtle lavender color of the buds in the flowering phase. This method inevitably results in a slowdown in growth and development.

Do this by lowering the overnight temperature a few degrees to turn the leaves a matching, vivid purple. Don’t reduce the temperature to below 55 degrees Fahrenheit or you may permanently damage your crop.

Indoors, the plants grow between 3.5–5 ft tall, which is short for a sativa dominant strain. It has bright green leaves and colas covered in orange hairs. Hydroponic systems can increase yields in the same way that poor soil can wreck them. 

This strain doesn’t require a lot of extra nutrition, although some added phosphorus may be beneficial during bloom. Most strains appreciate some added nitrogen during the vegetative stage.

Some low-stress training (LST) may also be beneficial to your crop. Many growers swear by super cropping, but others worry their plant may be shocked into diminishing growth. 

Outdoors, the plants are likely to be more substantial but still on the shorter side for a sativa-dominant strain. Purple Haze feminized plants will grow from 4 ft to well beyond 6 ft tall in the open air. Growers need proper fertilizer and pest control to ensure a bumper crop.

If you’re growing outdoors, warm, sunny, tropical, or Mediterranean climates ensure the best results and the greatest yields. However, this versatile plant has been successfully cultivated in more northern areas too. 

The colder nights around flowering contribute to the coloration of the leaves, and yields are still high. Planting in late May or early June will ensure you get to harvest by mid-October (northern hemisphere).

In optimum conditions, growers can expect to crop out a heavy yield of 17.5–21 ounces per square meter of Purple Haze cannabis bud indoors. Farmers can look forward to a bounty of 21–24.5 ounces per plant when harvesting outdoors. The flowering stage should take between 65–70 days (9–10 weeks) to complete.

Sea of green (SOG) and screen of green (SCROG) growth techniques can aid in bulking up your Purple Haze feminized crop and increasing yields further.

Purple Haze feminized seeds genetics

Purple Haze feminized seeds are a storied sativa-dominant combination of Purple Thai and Haze. The sativa-dominance weighs in at around a 70:30 ratio.

Haze has its roots in 60’s Santa Cruz in California, where the legendary Haze brothers chanced upon it. They mixed Mexican and Colombian landrace sativas and crossed the result with what most today believe was Purple Thai. 

Purple Thai was formed by pairing Mexican Highland Oaxacan Gold with another landrace—Chocolate Thai.

Where to Buy Purple Haze feminized seeds 

In states where marijuana is legal, a local dispensary is an obvious place to buy high-quality cannabis seeds. In the current technological age, the convenience of a reputed online supplier comes a close second.

One such store, Homegrown Cannabis Co., has over 400 different strains, including feminized Purple Haze seeds. Autoflower, feminized, and regular seed varieties are available.

Time to kiss the sky

One of the longer-standing strains in cannabis culture, Purple Haze feminized looks and tastes as exotic as the name sounds. Strong and long-lasting, this strain has stood the test of time to cement its spot right in the middle of the top shelf.

A highly effective stimulant for improved mood and general happiness, this cannabis strain is chatty, energetic, and friendly. It also remains one of the most aesthetically beautiful and exotic with its otherworldly, mauve coloration. It’s easy to grow and thrives in most conditions.

If you think this purple marvel could be just what you’re looking for, head over to the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Check out their Purple Haze feminized seeds and order yours today to be germinating by the end of the week.

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