Reinforce Your Long Distance Bond with These Clever Ideas

After years of bonding with that special friend, it’s difficult to live far away from them. Whether it’s you that moved or them, it’s still very possible to keep the friendship alive and pulsing. All it takes is a little bit of effort and you’ll continue to reap the rewards of the friendship, on a whole new level.

Send them Clever Gifts!

Who doesn’t like to receive a gift now and then? Your friend is no different. And, bonus, you know them really, really well so you can get them a gift that’s right on target for their personality. We found these exceptionally connecting gifts that will reinforce your friendship even though you are miles apart. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t spoken to each other for days, you can convey the message of love and caring with these gifts:

  • Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger. Available on Uncommon Goods, this is a modern take on the old fashioned love note. By using the coordinating app, you can send your friend or loved one a message. The heart on the front of the box will spin until they open it and read your message. Sheer vintage-meets-modern-day-technology brilliance.
  • Mid-Century Design Friendship Lamps. This gorgeous piece is made out of alder wood and is handmade in the USA. There are 256 programmable colors and you can choose to purchase two or even more to keep not just you and your friend but an entire group engaged with each other. Lamps connect via Wi-Fi. Every time you or they touch the lamp, the other person’s lamp lights up and you know that you are connected.
  • Gift Cards.Does your friend enjoy a steaming cup of specialty coffee in the morning? Or are they saving for various home improvements? Giving gift cardsare bound to bring your friend happiness and help them adjust to their life separated from their best friend. Gift cards are convenient and their balances can be tracked online, making them safe and secure.
  • Personalized Best Friend Blanket. Choose from fleece or Sherpa, the best friend blanket has room for several photos of the two of you doing what you do best – having fun! Choose from a range of sizes from small to large, it reads: Best Friend Ever: Love You to the Moon and Back. They’ll use it to cozy up with on quiet, cool days and you’ll truly never be far from their heart.

Use Online Avenues to Keep in Touch!

The internet is an amazing thing, so why wouldn’t you use it to keep in touch? There are so many different opportunities available to have fun for a friend date night; you’ll wonder why you never did any of them before!

  • Watch Movies Together. You probably enjoyed movies and shows together in the past and there’s no need to stop now. Long gone are the days of trying to coordinate hitting the play button at just the right second, you can use to do this work for you.
  • Create Playlists. Use Spotify, iTunes or any of the number of streaming music services that are available. You know you have your favorite songs and ones that remind you of road trips and other fun times in the past. Continuously add to your lists for a sense of togetherness.
  • Play Online Games. Whether you use the same platform to play some of the most popular games today or use apps on your phone, it’s super easy to play games together. You’ll feel competitive, have fun, and spend some much needed time with your BFF.

Keep to a Schedule!

However you decide to keep in contact and personally connected, you’ll want to be consistent. Watching a movie or watching a sporting event together is a great idea, but doing that once every six months is not going to strengthen your bond.

  • Share Google calendars with one another so you know when you’ll be free
  • Whenever you do something together, immediately plan for the next time
  • Text several times a week so you won’t ever have to work too hard to find the time to get together
  • Always have a plan in place for when you will travel to visit one another. Pick a date several months in advance, and then have friend dates to plan activities and talk about your trip.

Friends are hard to come by and the last thing you want to do is let a good one get away! If you have been separated by distance from one of your dear friends, implement one of the many strategies that will keep you both in touch and feeling connected.

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