Signs To Look For If You Have A Broken Sewer Line

Keep your plumbing out of sight if you don’t want to forget about it, as the old adage goes. Because, after all, leaks that aren’t visible to the naked eye have the ability to jack up your water bill and cause considerable property damage; they can even pose a risk to your health if they’re not fixed. Identifying and repairing leaks as fast as possible is important for all of the above reasons.

A clogged sewer pipe isn’t the only possible cause of backed-up sinks, tubs, and toilets that seep sewage onto your floors. Drain pipe cracks in your home or yard could be the source of the issue; a damaged sewage line exhibits a variety of warning indicators. When you know what to look for, you’ll be able to swiftly identify and fix your sewer line problem or sewer repair CT can pinpoint them for you.

Signs That Your Sewer Line Is Broken

1. The Smell of Sewage

Smells coming out of a cracked drain pipe are generally the most obvious symptom of the problem, so it’s important to pay attention to them. Your drains should never have an odor if your home plumbing is in good functioning order. Doing so will help you discover the source of the hazardous gas that is leaking into your home.

2. Clogged drains.

A clog in the pipes servicing a particular sink, toilet, shower, or tub might cause a delayed drain. The earth around your Sacramento County home or company may have settled, causing a broken sewer line to separate from the rest of the plumbing in your home or business. However, it’s possible that tree roots have found their way into the sewer system and are preventing it from working properly.

3. Troubleshooting a Clogged or Backup System

Backflow problems that affect only a single part of your home may be caused by a blockage in the pipe that delivers water to that particular fixture. However, if sewage is spilling onto your flooring from more than one drain, you may be dealing with the indications of a ruptured sewer line. Unclogging your drains by yourself will not work, so call in a professional to inspect your sewer systems and identify the best course of action.

4. A Green, Lush Lawn

A ruptured sewer line is easy to identify in your yard if there are patches of green, vivid, and healthy vegetation that contrast starkly with the rest of the landscape. Sewage line water and nutrients are great fertilizers, however long-term irrigation with this method is not suggested. Even if the soil is not disturbed, poisons can build up over time and seep to the surface.

5. A Wet Lawn

A broken sewer line can cause your grass to become damp and smelly, in addition to turning it green. This can lead to the formation of a sinkhole in the vicinity of the break, rendering the region inaccessible until the cracked sewer pipe repair is complete. Insects and rodents may also find their way into your home or surrounding businesses, spreading both filth and disease, due to the marshy circumstances.

6. Infestation by Insects and Rodents

That being said, if you notice an unusually high number of insects or rodents, you may have a broken sewer line. The rodents that live in sewers can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps to get into your home. A similar argument may be made for insects that can enter stagnant water through a cracked drain pipe and proliferate rapidly. Rodents and insects can cause health hazards and must be dealt with in addition to the sewer line breakdown itself.

7. Mold and mildew are at blame for this.

Your ceiling, walls, and flooring could all be affected if a sewer line or water pipe has broken, resulting in wet areas. Mold and mildew can spread quickly if water penetration from a sewer or water line is left unchecked. You may experience severe allergic reactions to these fungi’s spores, as well as damage to your home’s interior, exterior, or foundation over time.

8. Cracks in the Wall and Broken Slabs

As structures settle and the earth beneath them moves, fractures appear in the concrete slab and supporting walls. It’s possible that a broken sewer line is washing away the dirt supporting your home’s foundation, causing new cracks to appear. When a leak is the cause of a crack, it’s unlikely to get better. The dirt around the foundation will continue to be washed away until it is no longer able to support the weight of the structure above. At worst, the entire building could crumble. A comprehensive inspection will help detect if your home or company has a broken sewer line or other problem that is causing cracks.

So, a Sewer Pipe Has Failed. What’s Next?

If you’ve had any of these issues with your home or business’s sewer system, you need professional aid. In the case of clogs that affect all of your drains, a broken sewage line must be repaired or replaced by a professional. With the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV), you can find the exact location of the break in your sewer line and determine if it can be fixed or if the entire line needs to be rebuilt.

Trenchless sewer technology is our  specialty, and we have the instruments necessary to rapidly diagnose and solve your problem. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare for a full sewer pipe repair or replacement, we can usually get the job done in only a few hours. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get your pipes back in order.

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