Simplifying The Complexity Of Electric Motors Using a 7.5hp Single Phase Motor

An electric motor is a widely used electrical machine to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. An alternating or direct current source powers it to get it up and running.

Often a complicated concept to some people, this article uses a 5hp single-phase motor to bring some clarity to the subject of electric motors.

Electric motors come in different sizes, models, and types. They play a significant part in our daily lives, but they are often overlooked. However, a need arises, and you need to purchase one out of necessity.

Using a 5hp single phase motor as an example, most of what is essential to know about electrical motors is explained below;

Understanding The Used Example

HP stands for horsepower, a unit for measurement of the outpower of the motor, which is mechanical.

Electrically, the equivalence of one horsepower is 746 watts.

Single Phase; this indicates the supply phase of the motor, meaning that it works with a single-phase power supply.

A single-phase motor makes use of an alternating current supply to operate. Two wires are used in the circuit such that the current running across them is purely the same.

The Working of a 7.5hp Single Phase Motor

The motor comprises the start and running winding, stator, rotor, and capacitor. These parts work together in the presence of an alternating current to get the engine to rotate.

Single-phase motors must be aided in creating a magnetic field by activating the switch, enabling the rotor to move.

A magnetic field must first be created to set the rotor in motion for the motor to operate.


The motor Being single Phase, it is mainly used in the event a three-phase system is unavailable or there ia a power limit.

It is used for pumps, garage door opening, closing systems, air conditioners, drills, and cranes.

These systems and equipment require a lower horsepower level, making a 5hp single-phase motor efficient for the task.

Importantly, for the motor to be effective, the powers should be under 3Kw or 2Kw.


  • It is economical; less expensive when manufacturing than most motors types.
  • Easy to repair; maintenance required is very minimal. In case it needs repairs, they are pretty easy to deal with.
  • Durable; a 5hp single motor will serve you for years. Its failure primarily results from poor handling.
  • Reliable; unless applied inappropriately, the motor is efficient in working purposely to give its best performance.
  • The 5hp single phase motor price in Kenya is worthy considering that there are no extra and consistent costs of repair.


  • While running, it can be pretty noisy and generate some vibrations.
  • It may run slow with time
  • It may be subject to overheating.

A crucial indicator of a problem with the motor is when a shock is felt on touching the engine; it may require immediate repair.


  • Inspect the oil level in the bearings
  • Examine the brushes and commutator thoroughly
  • Ensure you tighten any loose connections on the motor and other controls.
  • Frequently clean the motor to avoid any dirt accumulation.

Maintenance is vital in prolonging the lifespan of a motor; it should be done at least after six months.


For the 5hp single-phase motor, the good outweighs the bad regarding functional requirements and performance in the long run. The information above is adequate to inform your choice for single-phase electric motors and their benefit to you as the consumer.

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