Superstitions of Online Casino Slots in Singapore

Because online slots get frequently seen as chance-based games, you’ll need good luck to win. Naturally, players have developed many rituals, lucky charms, and beliefs throughout the years that either helps them win or lead them to lose money. Here are some of the most popular ones to remember the upcoming time you spin the reels in a Singapore online casino.

Having Faith in Lucky Charms

Almost every gambler has a lucky charm, without which they would not begin a session. Even the best real money online slots Singapore isn’t enough for some if they don’t have their luck item around.

It might be an item of clothing, such as their lucky socks, for some people. Others may carry a piece of jewelry or any other little thing in their pockets. In some cases, a person might be your lucky charm, so some gamers keep theirs on them all the time while playing in Singapore online live casino.

Lucky Gambler, Unlucky Lover

One of the most widely held fallacies about gambling and luck is that you can’t have good fortune in love and casino games. Unfortunately, it appears that there isn’t enough luck for both. So don’t even bother spinning the reels if you’ve been satisfied with your significant other lately.

At least, that’s what the folklore claims. However, if your heart has shattered, the research looks that going to a casino might be beneficial and possibly enable you to feel better.

Money Counting While Playing

It is a massive no-no in the gambling world. While playing casino games, it appears that you should never count your money. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing at a table or online; calculate your cash when you’re ready.

Nobody knows where this belief originated, yet it is widely accepted. Perhaps you’re doubting your good fortune and not trusting the process if you’re calculating your money while playing.

Lucky numbers and those that are unlucky

The most widespread superstition is that some numbers are lucky or bad. Almost every player has a fortune and unlucky numbers, but only a handful are commonly known.

Away from the camera

Looking away while waiting for the result of your wager appears to be beneficial. In a genuine casino, abandoning the table is the equivalent of quitting. You may turn away around the room if you’re playing online.

Ritualistic Behavior

Last but not least, you should remember to practice your good luck rituals if you want to be secure while gambling online and have luck on your side.

Some players, for example, sit in some position, cross their legs or fingers, touch a specific body part, or speak a word. There are no restrictions or limitations. Others may examine a photograph of someone or sing their lucky song.


Are there any gambling superstitions? Can they assist gamers in increasing their chances of winning when playing online slots? Nobody knows for sure, although they do appear to work on occasion.

What are some of your favorite folklore beliefs? Do you have any fortunate charms or rituals that you never use while playing the slots?

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