Surrogacy-Offering different services and offers the best surrogacy procedures at a reasonable cost

Are you still struggling to have your child? Why not opt for surrogacy? Surrogacy is a procedure where the surrogate bears the child for the parents who want a child of their own. Moreover, the surrogate is compensated for the services she renders. Furthermore, surrogacy has gained popularity over the years, and surrogacy in Ukraine is the center. Many European couples travel a long distance to get the procedure done from Ukraine. There may be many reasons; two major reasons are:

  • Surrogacy was first carried out in Ukraine
  • Ukraine is the cheapest country when it comes to the total cost of the procedure

Legislation policy in Ukraine

The legislation policy in Ukraine is excellent. The policy is equal for every customer. Following are a few reasons which prove the perfect legislation system in Ukraine regarding surrogacy:

  • Anonymity

If you choose a feskov reproductive clinic for the procedure, your anonymity will be highly prioritized. The Ukraine legislation system considers surrogacy as the official method of treating infertility. A surrogate mother does not know about the egg donor, and the egg donor does not have any idea who the surrogate mother is. So anonymity is the important factor the clonic works on.

IVF service in Ukraine

Feskov leihmutterschaft agentur in Ukraine also provides IVF services. The procedure is known as artificial insemination to have a biological child. Following are services that you can avail from feskov reproductive clinic. You can read details below:

  • Comfort guarantee service

The first category is named comfort guarantee service, and it costs around 17,000€. Even more, you get a guaranteed IVF+PGD procedure. Moreover, the service includes an unlimited number of embryo transfers too.

  • VIP guarantee program

Another program is the VIP guarantee program, including the IVF+PGD procedure. The procedure includes an extended option for IVF along with the own eggs of the mother up to the child’s birth. This service charges you approximately 28,500€.

  • Deluxe

The deluxe program adds the IVF+PGD procedure. The examination of monogenic diseases is also conducted during this procedure. One can choose the sex of the child. However, the procedure’s total cost is 34,500€.

It depends on you, which service you like the most. Also, the clinic advises you to choose a program that suits you the most.


Surrogacy is a common procedure where a surrogate mother carries a child for nine months and hands it over to the new parents. The child may be biologically connected to the surrogate mother or not. It is because surrogacy has two types known as traditional and gestational surrogacy.

Moreover, the legislation process in Ukraine is quite smooth and just. The Clinic keeps anonymity, and there is some designated software specially designed to maintain the customer’s data safe and private. The privacy is held to the extent that the surrogate does not know who the egg donor is, and the egg donor is unaware of who the surrogate mother is.

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