With numerous csgo betting sites existing across the world today, knowing the legit sites save you the heartaches of probably losing your money.

CSGO empire

The csgo empire is currently one of the oldest and most popular 

csgo betting sites. The platform, which has been in the market since 2016, offers csgo-themed games and also an esports sportsbook.

It hosts popular games such as roulette, match betting, and coin flip. Here, roulette is played like the real game save for the player betting on the T or the CT side to win. In the coin flip, a player flips a coin against another player, wagers money, and then waits for another player to accept the bid.   

Csgo fast

Csgo fast was established in 2015 and was among the first gambling sites to offer Csgo-themed games. Having incorporated esports options, players can enjoy live bettings. 

The platform also has a p2p system that favors players who don’t feel like playing or betting. The system works by reducing their commission charges in the skins traded thus allowing them to save. It also offers games like coin flip and roulette..

500 Casino

500 casino is a csgo gambling site whose content is focused on csgo themed games. The site offers games that are popular among gamers, like roulette, duels, and crash. Players can bet on games that are featured in a betting section for both traditional and esports sports.

How to bet on csgo sites

There are three options that you can use to bet on csgo betting sites.

Firstly, you can bet by predicting the winner of the game if the website allows for handicap gambling. For example, in the crash game, players play by making predictions of when a rocket crash is to happen. The player with the most prolonged forecast maximizes their win.

In the second option, the player bets by predicting the game’s outcome on their platform. The result can either be a loss, win or draw. The consequences of a team are determined by odds which illustrate their probability of winning or losing.

Another option is betting on a player who will win in a map or game. Here you choose your favorite player who will win each game and proceed to win all the games. Unlike the other options, the winner is not determined by odds because numerous factors influence the game.

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