The Guide To The Best Logo Fonts

Choosing the right font for your logo is like picking the perfect outfit for a special occasion; it sets the tone, conveys your personality, and leaves a lasting impression. Whether you’re starting a new business, rebranding, or just looking to refresh your logo, the font you choose plays a pivotal role in making your mark in the world. In this guide, we’re diving headfirst into the exciting realm of logo fonts, exploring the art of typography and uncovering the secrets to selecting the best ones for your unique brand. Among the many fonts available, TT Lakes Neue and TT Runs stand out as innovative choices for designers. So, let’s explore these fonts and how they’ve evolved to meet the demands of modern branding.

TT Lakes Neue – Expanding Possibilities

TT Lakes Neue, a renowned font, has recently undergone a significant transformation. The creators have gone the extra mile, expanding its character set from 736 to 921. This expansion has breathed new life into the font, making it more versatile and functional than ever before.

What’s New in TT Lakes Neue?

Here is what you can find new in this font:

Added Characters

TT Lakes Neue now boasts an array of extended Latin characters, fractions, and arrows. These additions broaden the font’s applicability, making it suitable for various design projects.

Improved Kerning and Hinting

With the inclusion of new kerning and hinting techniques, TT Lakes Neue ensures that every character aligns seamlessly, providing a visually pleasing experience.

Updated Variable Font

The font’s variable font feature has been updated, giving designers even more flexibility to fine-tune their typography.

Enhanced OpenType Features

TT Lakes Neue now offers 36 OpenType features, allowing designers to add creative flourishes to their text effortlessly.

Exploring the Subfamilies

TT Lakes Neue is not a one-size-fits-all font. It comes in five distinct subfamilies: Compressed, Condensed, Regular, Extended, and Expanded. Each subfamily caters to specific design needs, providing a total of 91 unique styles.

TT Runs – A Bold Choice

TT Runs is a font that breaks the mould with its vast and unconventional proportions. It deviates from traditional fonts thanks to its reversed contrast. This feature sets it apart in the world of typography.

The Distinctive Design of TT Runs

The uniqueness of TT Runs lies in its reversed contrast, which manifests in the upper and lower parts of the letters. Characters like K, C, S, and R showcase this striking design choice. These inverted proportions give TT Runs a distinct personality, making it an ideal choice for both athletic and casual sportswear branding.


In the world of logo fonts, TT Lakes Neue and TT Runs have proven themselves to be innovative and versatile options. A sans serif is also a great option for logo fonts. The expansion and improvements in TT Lakes Neue’s character set make it a go-to choice for designers seeking flexibility and creativity. On the other hand, TT Runs’ distinctive design sets it apart and adds a touch of boldness to any branding project. These fonts have evolved to meet the demands of modern design, and their impact on the world of branding is undeniable.

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