The Impressive Benefits of Recycling: A Simple Guide

It’s extremely important that we all do our part in caring for the planet. This guide breaks down the common benefits of recycling.

Did you know that in the United States, the average American generates nearly five pounds of waste every day? Only 32% of this waste gets recycled.

As global warming and environmental destruction are all too common today, recycling is more important than ever. The benefits of recycling can have a huge impact on the environment and make you feel good about helping the planet. 

Follow this simple guide for the common benefits of recycling and see how you can help save the planet! 

Conserves Natural and Finite Resources

Reusing and recycling are easy ways to conserve natural resources. For example, did you know it takes a quarter of a liter of oil to make a one-liter plastic bottle? Many people do not even realize how much oil it takes to produce plastic products. 

Oil is a finite natural resource and, it is getting scarcer by the day. By recycling plastic or, better yet, finding non-plastic alternatives, you can help reduce plastic production. 

In addition to oil, metals and minerals often found in our electronics are finite resources.

Recycling electronics are just as important as any other type of recycling to preserve these precious materials. A wonderful service to be aware of are quality asset recovery companies that will recycle your old electronics for you. 

Reduce Landfills 

Did you know landfills can affect not only local ecosystems but can contaminate your local drinking water? The more toxic waste that is piled on top of each other begins to seep into the ground, creating problems for the local environment. 

When plastic and hazardous materials end up in landfills as they break down, they also begin to release methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is has a tremendous environmental impact as the release of methane is a cause of global warming. 

When one ton of paper is recycled, it saves over three cubic yards of landfill space. So next time it feels easier to throw some old mail in the trash, think about all the landfill space saved from recycling your paper. 

Saves Our Oceans 

You may already know that recycling can help save our oceans but, you may not know exactly how. Because the majority of plastic is lightweight, it can be easily carried by the wind or be washed away with the rain when sitting in a landfill or being transported to a landfill. 

Plastic in our oceans has had a devastating on wildlife. For example, eight million tons of plastic end up in oceans every year. Plastic in the ocean gets not only gets ingested by fish and other sea animals, but the animals also end up getting tangled in waves of plastic products. 

By recycling and reducing plastic consumption, you can help keep ocean animals safe. 

Benefits of recycling 

By now, you should be more well-versed on the benefits of recycling and how you can truly make a difference when it comes to protecting the environment. 

Change happens when individuals come together to do their part, and we can all do our part by being informed and engaged. 

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