The major types of slot machines in casinos

This is also due to the improvement in technology. Of course, some models are newer and more advanced than others and work differently. 


This is the oldest type of slot machine. You can usually deposit the same amount and have only one winning line. They usually have three electric rollers, though new types can have up to five. However, these are examples we see less and less often. They were certainly built in the 1930s and a few examples are still in use.

At online casinos, you find many models inspired by these slot machines. They usually take their stupid aesthetics but also their chosen winning line. Most of the time, they will use signals similar to the original คาสิโนออนไลน์ slot machines, including fruit.

It is a type of slot machine that is good for beginners. Thus, it has only one payline and your winnings may be minimal. Players, therefore, tend to quickly switch to high-end machines. We can all note alike the fact that only betting on the line allows you to use it with a small bet.


This is the second generation of slot machines that offer many other opportunities. In fact, they all have five mareel and several paylines. This can go up to 100 lines, which gives players more time. You have to choose the number of lines you want to play with to start the game.

However, the larger the payout number, the bigger the first bet. So it is important to find the right balance between the number of lines you play with, and therefore your chances of winning, and the first bet. On top of that, the number of winnings make it more attractive and users use it longer than a traditional slot machine.

The design of these slot machines has also been greatly improved. While we still have simple modes, some of them have a real theme. It can for example be a movie or video game hero. It is a type of slot machine that is commonly found in online casinos.


Unlike the previous two models, video slot machines no longer work due to mechanical reels. Mareel appears on the screen and works with electricity. It is also a machine that offers many more options and interactions.

For example, in some malls, it is now possible to play with over 7 reels. This makes it possible to offer a greater degree of integration and thus more opportunities to win. And again, it’s possible to open mini-games or special designs. This usually allows you to win big, but also breaks the monotony.

When it comes to design, improvement is important. While previous generations have even allowed you to enjoy a themed slot machine, its functionality is now very cautious. At some venues, it is even possible to follow stories or adventures, the UFA mini-games usually allow the story to progress.

It is a kind of addictive slot machine, mainly because of its sleek design, but also for its wide range of options. It is also the most popular mod in online casinos. Many malls appear regularly and include the most popular licenses at the moment.


The other selected type of slot machine is characterized by a popular choice. It is a real video slot machine that allows you to win sometimes the most jackpots.

Even in different casinos, different slot machines are connected to each other. Each bet placed on a machine connected to this network increases the normal jackpot. Therefore, if a player wins this jackpot on the connected machine, that player wins all bets made on another machine.

If the jackpot is won, the jackpot will be stable and pre-positioned to a given level. It’s a very popular type of slot machine, especially because it allows you to win some crazy deals, sometimes up to millions of euros. Yes, online casinos have many advanced slot machines.

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