The Northern Diamonds cricket team

In England there are plenty of interesting cricket teams that play a lot of limited-overs matches. All these kinds of contests can be wagered through the bookmaker. One of the newest teams to be established in that part of the world is the Northern Diamonds cricket team.

It represents parts of the northeast of the country, plus the county of Yorkshire. For this reason, they play their matches in different home venues such as:

  • Headingley;
  • Riverside;
  • Roseworth Terrace;
  • and North Maine Road.

The team was established in 2020, and since then it has taken part in tournaments like the Charlotte Edwards Cup and the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy. The 1xBet bookmaker offers opportunities to wager on all those championships.

Establishing the squad

The English domestic cricket competitions underwent major reforms during the late 2010s. It was decided that for the year 2020, some brand-new squads would be launched. One of them, of course, was the Northern Diamonds squad. Right now, betting kabaddi and cricket on 1xBet is possible, where lots of events that take place in England are featured.

In 2019, when the plans for these new female cricket competitions were being created, there was the idea to create two brand-new tournaments. One of them would feature games with 50 overs and other with 20. However, due to external circumstances, it was necessary to alter the first season of the championships that were supposed to start in 2020. Some great kabaddi and cricket betting can be made on 1xBet, which also features the best cricket competitions in England.

It was not possible to celebrate the 20-over competition due to health concerns. However, it was still decided to go ahead with the 50-over championship. The Northern Diamonds reached the final match of the 2020 edition of the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy. Unfortunately they were defeated.

Reaching finals

The Northern Diamonds reached more final stages during 2021 and 2022. The website features other great competitions to wager. Unfortunately, they were once again defeated in all the finals that they reached.

Still, reaching the final stage of any cricket competition is not an easy feat, and is something that should be recognized. For this reason, it is likely that the Northern Diamonds will have a great streak of positive results in the future. When that happens, don’t forget to visit the 1xBet online bookmaker and wager on all the possibilities that the matches played by this squad can give.

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