The Right Way to Shoot Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a great way to commemorate this special time in your life. They can be taken anywhere and anytime of the day. It’s important to remember that engagement photos do not have to be expensive or elaborate, they should represent you as a couple! Here are some tips on how to plan for perfect engagement photos:

1. Pick a day time or evening photos

You don’t want to take engagement photos at night, because it’s challenging to get perfect shots without any clutter. The best times for shooting are afternoons and early evenings when the sun is still out. If you do decide to take them at night make sure you have creative lighting! To spice things up, try adding some greenery or flowers in to your photo session. 

2. Pick a location that will complement your style

Try taking pictures in your favorite park or by the beach, these are great locations with lots of greenery around them. Another great choice could be somewhere you love hanging out as a couple like the mall or restaurant where you had your first date! You can even ask someone else to take the photos for you.

3. Dress comfortably

Your clothes should not distract from your faces! It can be very uncomfortable if you are dressed too formally, so make sure whatever you wear is something you would normally wear on a date or hanging out with friends. If it’s windy outside try wearing long sleeves or pants (for extra warmth) to avoid getting cold easily! 

4. Choose the right season for your photo shoot

Spring and Summer tend to have lots of sunshine, which will give you bright backgrounds full of color. During this time, nights are longer so consider taking pictures at night using creative lighting techniques (see below). Fall brings warmer weather but shorter days, so take advantage of the sunlight before the seasons change.

5. How to pose for pictures

If you have a good eye for photography, don’t be afraid to experiment with poses! But if you’re not skilled in that department try focusing on your facial expressions and making eye contact with your partner. You can choose to take your photos sitting down or standing up, whatever is comfortable for the both of you! It’s important to always look at each other while posing – it adds a sense of intimacy and helps create beautiful images. 

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6. Lighting is everything

The lighting around where you decide to take your photos should complement your couple’s style & theme! If you want bright colors make sure there are lots of flowers around, if you prefer darker tones don’t be afraid to take pictures under a bridge or in the woods. Get creative and be bold with your decisions! No matter where you end up taking your photos, make sure that there is enough light for you to see what you’re doing – failing to do this could result in blurry images and an extremely frustrating photo shoot.

7: Consider hiring a professional photographer

If you’re looking for someone who can produce quality work at a reasonable price, look no further because we have photographers here ready to complete all of your engagement photo needs. Our staff consists of qualified, experienced individuals who are committed to delivering only the best results. We will help guide you through the entire process so that all your questions are answered as soon as they come up! You can trust us to do a great job, we guarantee it!

8: Use engaging backgrounds for your photos

Engaging photos are the best kinds, you don’t want your background to take away from the two of you. It’s important that both of you can be seen and heard in each photo. Unless requested by the client, our photographers will always ensure that you’re front and center (and never covered up!) With this said, try not to wear anything too dark as it will swallow up your figures and make them appear much smaller. If there is no way around wearing darker colors or textures opt for lighter shades instead – they work really well with natural light/outdoors! For those who like colorful clothing but don’t want their clothing to take the spotlight, try wearing white or cream-colored clothing. It’s super easy to make it stand out in photos!

9: Always have fun!

Don’t be afraid to get silly for the photos if you feel like it! You can choose to look at each other or do something totally unexpected, but always enjoy yourself while doing so! Your smiles are the most important part of your photo shoot – they show how much you’re enjoying spending time with each other and also bring a sense of intimacy into the images you create together. Make sure that there is lots of laughter between you both! Keep in mind that engagement photography doesn’t require you to decide on a theme/style right away – nobody is going to judge your outfit choices or poses. Just have fun and take lots of pictures!

10: Think about post-production

Post-production is an important part of the wedding photography process, it lets you rest easy knowing that you will be provided with images free of pesky little distractions like dust spots, blemishes & other annoyances. We offer both color correction (lighting adjustments) and retouching (removal of unwanted items in an image). If you’re unsure if this is something that interests you feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind, we are always happy to provide additional information about our services! If there are specific changes or edits that have to be made you can rest assured knowing that your photographer make them right away so that you have the most up to date images possible.

11: Keep the weather in mind

It’s important that you consider what the weather will be like on your wedding day and during your photo shoot, as doing so can make or break a picture. For example; if it is supposed to rain the entire time, we ask that you reschedule for another day! If there is no way around taking photos in less than favorable weather conditions (you really want those sunset shots) then we recommend bringing umbrellas or wearing waterproof clothing. It’s always better to be safe than sorry – nobody wants wet/dirty clothes on their big day! We suggest finding out about any large-scale events nearby as well as how much traffic to expect. This will allow you to make a decision about where you want your photos done and when! While we do our best to avoid other people in the background it’s impossible for us to get rid of everyone.

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