Things to Keep in Mind Before You Hire a Guest Speaker for Any Event

Are you ready with all plans and arrangements for that event but don’t have a speaker figured out yet?

Well, chances are you are not the only one having a hard time. This is quite a difficult choice to make, followed by other procedures until the event day. The chosen guest speakers for events can either make or break your day.

Among motivational orators, popular personalities, field professionals, etc., you must pick a speaker whose story resonates with the audience.

However, there are many decisions like where to hire, judging credibility, arranging a time, etc. Amidst all this, how do you find your star speaker? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

How to Plan and Hire a Guest Speaker for Your Events?

Undoubtedly, the speech delivered by the speaker stays with your audience and decides the success of your event. However, the audience’s average attention span is nearly 8 to 10 minutes only. Hence, you need to find someone who can engage and create interest in the event throughout.

Here are 5 ways to help you find and hire the right guest speakers for events.

1. Search for Your Speakers on Social Media

Today, social media is a great place to find any service you want. You’ll likely find the right guest speaker through professional sites like LinkedIn. Additionally, you can search based on location, field, and expertise and even look at their profiles for credibility.

2. Search the Old-fashioned Way

Besides finding someone on social media, you can even ask people and connections in your networks. This way, it is highly probable that you’ll find someone with genuine in-person reviews. Usually, friends, colleagues, and peers in the field who have arranged and attended events can have great recommendations.

3. Search Through Specific Sites

There are numerous sites out there that can help you find the right speakers for your events. You can choose based on location, event type, themes, field of expertise, speaker experience, etc. Not only does this option makes your search journey quicker, but it also makes it more efficient.

4. Make a Wishlist

It is recommended to prepare a list with your potential speaker options arranged priority-wise. In this way, you can ensure that you have other plans if plan-A doesn’t work out. In case the first speaker cancels, you’ll still have other options to count on.

5. Evaluate the Event and Pick

Your goal is to organise a successful event, and your audience’s response determines that. So, before you choose a speaker, understand your audience. Ask these questions:

  • Would the audience like it formal or informal?
  • What impact is your audience looking for?
  • What value do you wish to add?

Once you’ve answered these, you can plan on and finalise.

Wrapping Up

Hosting a great event is no less than an achievement. Deciding upon the guest speakers for events requires several considerations and plans.

You need to make several considerations to pick the right guest speaker for you. The goal is to choose someone who fits your themes, can excite your audience, and add value to the event.

Be it a launch event, an educational one, entertainment, an annual conference, or a big party; the decision is equally important. Following some tips can help you make the right hire every time and hold a memorable event.

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