Things to Learn about Different Types of Pallet Trucks, Their Uses and Prices

This article focuses on the different types of pallet trucks and their uses.

A pallet pump, also known as a pallet truck or pallet jack, is a type of forklift whose uses are most popular in warehousesto move palletized loads and pallets. They are particularly beneficial for increasing the productivity of these types of manual activities in warehouses, reducing a multi-person work to be a one-person job.

There are various varieties of pallet trucks, each with its set of advantages and applications.

With so many various pallet trucks accessible, there are surplus uses of the pallet trucks.

They include;

  1. Manual Pallet Truck: The usual types of pallets truck are the manual pallet trucks. An example is the heavy-duty hand pallet truck. These types of pallets are put in use when lifting and moving loads weighing 2500kg manually.
  2. Electric Pallet Truck: Electric pallet trucks are frequently utilized for high-spec manufactures since it eliminates the majority of the manual labor involved in transferring transport loads
  3. High-Lift Pallet Trucks: The high-lift jack can lift cargo far higher than a conventional pallet truck and can serve as a workbench table or a lifting table.
  4. Weigh-Scale Truck: The weigh scale jack are used to weigh anything you are moving up to a particular amount while maintaining the efficiency and ease of use of a standard pallet truck

The pallet truck price in Kenya is not a cheap investment to make for your business. It is, nonetheless, a necessary investment that facilitates work and decreases the quantity of workforce required in the warehouse. As a result, you will be able to return your investment in a short period.

Pallet trucks are helpful for what kinds of jobs in warehouses?

Pallet trucks are primarily used in warehouses to transport pallets from one location to another. They can easily transport pallets from a storage place or warehouse to a waiting lorry. They can hoist pallets to a set height and simultaneously lift numerous pallets.

They are instrumental in warehouses because they are smaller than a forklift truck, allowing them to access smaller and tighter locations. Because no toxic emissions are produced, the electric ride-on pallet is also safe to use in an indoor warehouse environment.

Pallet trucks could be beneficial to which kind of industries?

Pallet trucks are beneficial in a wide variety of sectors. Manufacturing, retail, factory floor, food service, and chemical factories are all examples of these industries.

What kind of training do you think your drivers will require?

Employees who drive a ride-on pallet truck must be trained to do it safely. This training must adhere to the PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) safety regulations and the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L117, designed for people participating in lift truck operation, including rice on pellet truck site operators. Employees should receive basic training on operating the ride-on pallet truck and performing various work-related activities while utilizing the pallet truck in the warehouse environment.


Pallet truck have a wide range of applications. If you want to eliminate as much labor as possible, you may require a specific type of pallet truck for a particular function, such as an electric pallet.

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