Tips And Tricks For Selling Marijuana Online

Along with many other major changes in the last year, our shopping habits have changed. Before COVID-19 brought us all to our homes, online sales were rising. This article has assembled some of the best tips and tricks for selling cannabis online. Let’s look at some details on how to increase your online marijuana sales.

Selling Cannabis Online – Would You Like A Menu?

Like all aspects of retail, it is important to understand the finer points involved with selling marijuana online. As you wouldn’t go out to eat at a restaurant with a confusing or outdated menu, you won’t be able to visit a dispensary unless you know in clear and specific detail what its offerings are. If you visit a restaurant and look at the menu only to be disappointed when you receive your order, it might make you reconsider going back.

The point is obvious. You get the point. In an environment where cannabis consumers are constantly in competition, it is crucial to keep a continuously updated online menu that is legible, clear, and easy to navigate. A large portion of cannabis sales is done via mobile devices. This means that it must display and function well on these devices. Let’s start with where you are. Let’s start by talking about the products you sell.

We are not going to convince you that it is easier to write fewer words than more. The copy must be clear, concise, and actionable, especially in the context of high-converting menus. Make sure you describe products clearly and concisely.

  • Compelling product descriptions
  • Limits on age and purchase
  • State-specific tax collection and other state-mandated information
  • Payment methods
  • Identification required

Information about delivery services should include:

  • Minimum order
  • Delivery area
  • Delivery schedule
  • Payment methods
  • Identification required
  • Delivery tracking

Furthermore, a well-designed online dispensary will have intuitive search and filter functionality, sharp product photos, and detailed information, including weight and packaging, for every product.

Selling Marijuana Online: The Essentials Of POS Systems

How instant menu do updates work? Let’s get down to the basics: A dedicated, custom-built point for sale (POS), system. You’re an experienced retail professional, so you know what these systems do. They seamlessly communicate between your online menu and in-person terminals to ensure that your menu is always accurate.

Selling cannabis is not without its challenges. Your POS system must comply with all state cannabis reporting requirements.  A well-designed POS software system should be able to do even more. POS systems can ensure that your in-person and online sales are seamless and quick. They also give you essential business insight and help you create more effective customer personas.

Selling Marijuana Online: Delivering The Goods

An important aspect of online shopping, aside from the ease of ordering online, is the availability of door-to-door delivery, something that was missing in the cannabis industry until very recently. However, it is a good idea. Customers have taken to the idea of the pandemic slowing down, but state legislators are now paying more attention. Cashless payments are another important development in the sale of cannabis. Delivering customers will enjoy an experience more in line with regular e-commerce transactions, as money alternatives like CanPay gain popularity.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that launching a delivery service for cannabis is difficult. We predict that as the industry becomes more online-oriented, a larger percentage of sales will occur online. Delivery services will also be used to fulfill orders.

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