Tips On How To Get A Security Guard Jobs In New Delhi

Everyone wants to feel secure in life. Be it while taking a stroll, working, shopping, visiting a bank or a medical facility, everyone wants to feel safe and secure. This is where security guards play a huge role.

It is essential to have guards to ensure people are safe in establishments and homes. Security guards are required in residential buildings, banks, ATMs, offices, hospitals, companies, etc.

With more and more development in New Delhi, new offices are being built every day. Thus, creating a lot of scope for security guards. Are you looking for security guard jobs in New Delhi? Read this article to explore efficient and effective tips to get a security guard job with ease.

Let’s first understand your duties as a security guard.

Security guards are tasked with safeguarding people and properties against thefts, vandalism, injuries, and crimes altogether. Security guards can choose to work with agencies or can work on their own.

You, as a security guard, can get jobs at government and security agencies, healthcare centres, college campuses, banks, residential buildings, parks, and more. At some jobs, you might be placed at stationary locations. In other jobs, you might have to travel to different locations to safeguard the properties.

The usual duties of security guards consist of:

  • Patrolling properties – on foot or by a security car. 
  • Make sure rules are in order as per the owner.
  • Monitor video surveillance cams. 
  • See if someone triggers the security alarms.
  • Respond to emergencies as soon as possible. 
  • See if there are any trespassers. 
  • Creating reports of activities. 
  • Reaching police officers, fire departments, and ambulances whenever required.

How to become a security guard:

Several security guard jobs require at least a high school diploma and on-job training. Some security guards can find a job without formal training or job experience, but it is better if you have training in monitoring video-surveillance systems and other technologies. 

You must also have the following skills and qualities as mentioned below. 

  1. a) You must have skills to communicate effectively. 
  2. b) You must have great interpersonal skills to deescalate stressful scenarios.
  3. c) You must have great attention to detail and observation skills.
  4. d) You should have physical strength and stamina for physical confrontation.
  5. e) You must know how to behave in emergency situations and help people in need.

Tips to get a security guard job with ease:

Enrol yourself with private security agencies.

This is one of the easiest ways to get a security guard job. All you must do is get enrolled with a private security agency as employers and property owners get in touch with them if they need to hire security guards for safeguarding their properties and institutions. Some reputed security agencies will also give you security guard training to get you started in the security industry.

Approach companies & establishments directly.

If you don’t want to enrol yourself with a private security agency, you can approach newly built establishments directly. You can do so by going door to door and checking out opportunities, or you can conduct a search online and see if any firm in New Delhi is looking for a security guard. You can then get in touch with them right away and apply for an interview.

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