Tips to travel to Maldives and really enjoy

If you have come to this article looking for tips to travel to the Maldives because you want to enjoy a dream vacation, congratulations, you are a traveler who knows how to choose! And it is that this archipelago located in the Indian Ocean assures you a close and pleasant paradise. Disconnecting on its beaches and resorts, practicing underwater sports among coral reefs and living day to day with the locals are some of the attractions that hide its more than 1,200 islands, which can be visited almost all year round thanks to its tropical climate. Without a doubt, a vacation in the Maldives will be a before and after in your life.

Visa for Maldives

You will not need to process a visa prior to your vacation in the Maldives if you are a citizen of the European Union and your stay in the country will not last more than 30 days. You just need to bring your valid passport with a minimum validity of six months and a return ticket. Upon arrival in the Maldives you will be issued a visa directly at the border.

Vaccinations for Maldives

To travel to the Maldives there is no specific vaccine beyond those recommended by your International Vaccination Center. Only if you come from areas where yellow fever is endemic (Central Africa and South America), you must bring the certificate of said vaccination. As for health precautions, protection against mosquitoes is essential to prevent the spread of diseases such as dengue or Zika.

Maldives travel insurance

The official authorities emphasize the limited local medical services and, therefore, the need to purchase insurance to travel to the Maldives as soon as you book your vacation. Without this product, and in case you need medical attention, you will have to assume important health expenses. Although the tourist resorts have primary care services for non-serious cases, before situations of greater importance or that require diagnostic tests, complex treatments or hospitalization, you would have to go to the capital or even be repatriated. 

As a destination specializing in water sports, if you are going to travel to the Maldives to practice scuba diving, scuba diving or sports of similar risk, it is important that you take out sports insurance with specific coverage and travel insurance in general. The authorities warn that in the event of serious diving accidents, Maldives does not have a hyperbaric chamber, so medical transport to another country would be necessary. A sports insurance contemplates this treatment and covers its cost.

Maldives airport and accommodation

The main airport in the Maldives is Male International Airport, located in the capital of the Maldives. The magnificent resorts located in the Maldives are in themselves a claim for many travelers looking to spend a honeymoon or dream vacation. Staying in bungalows raised two meters above the Indian Ocean, accessible via a wooden walkway, is indescribable. The fact that your accommodation includes access to “bikini beach” beaches will allow you to use this type of swimsuit. Remember that Islam is the predominant and official religion of the country and that, unless otherwise specified, not all beaches and islands can wear a bikini.

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