Top 9 Tips to Win More While Playing Online

Andar Bahar is a very easy card game to learn. But winning the game depends on luck, and you can use a few tricks to increase your chances of winning.

In this guide, I’ll show you the 9 best ways to win at Andar Bahar. These tips will help you win real noney more often. But remember that you can’t change your chances much.

  1. Put your regular bet on the side where the dealer will put the first card.

This first strategy helps you lower the advantage the casino has over you and improve your chances of winning. Instead of 50%, the RTP will be 51.5%, but the potential payout will be a little less. Casinos give out smaller payouts so that players won’t always bet on the same side.

If the trump card is a five-of-a-kind, the first card is given to Andar. If you bet on this side, you have a 51.5% chance of winning. Because the cards are dealt in a different order each time. The side where the first card was dealt is more likely to have the winning card.

  1. Multiple Your Bet Each Time You Lose

Andar Bahar has about a 50/50 chance of winning Bahar, which makes it hard to come up with strategies. But if you lose a bet, you can double the amount you bet after each loss. People often call this method the “Martingale” method. Only regular bets should be made with it.

Let’s say you put ₹50 on Bahar and lose. You put another ₹100 on the same side (Bahar), but you still lose. You bet ₹200 on Bahar for the third time, and this time you win.

This means you will win a total of ₹400, which is ₹200 times two. You’ve already lost ₹50, ₹100, and ₹200, which adds up to ₹350. In the end, you spent ₹350 and got ₹400 back. This means that you gained ₹50.

You should, however, stay on the side where the dealer puts the second card. Payout will be a little bit more (2x). In the example above, if you put your bet on the side where the dealer will serve the card first, you will get less. The prize will be ₹20 times 1.9, which is ₹380, so you only win ₹30.

  1. Make Small Bets

If you are new to the game, start by making small bets. If you bet less on the game, you’ll be able to stay on it for longer. You can also increase your bankroll by doubling your bet after each loss. You can, however, raise the stakes as you get better.

  1. Learn the Rules

Before you play, you should make sure you know how to play. This will help you keep from losing too much of the money you’ve worked hard for. You should find out how to play, what the side bets are, and how likely it is that you will win each bet. 

  1. Take Advantage of Sidebets

There are four extra bets you can make to increase your chances of winning. Most of the side bets have bigger payouts. Also, there are different ways to win more based on how the side bets are put together.

If, for example, you bet on red or black, your chances are 50/50. This will give you back 1.9 times what you bet. If it’s put down along with the regular bet (Andar or Bahar), the chances of winning go up.

Let’s say you place a ₹100 bet on Bahar and another ₹100 bets on the black suit. You will win ₹380 if the winning card lands on Bahar and the Joker card is a black suit. The exact match times 2 times 1.9 is ₹380.

  1. Take care of your money

Sticking to your budget is the best way to stay safe when playing any casino game. Even though it is easy to play Andar Bahar, it is also easy to lose too much. In Andar Bahar, you don’t have much time to do math because the rounds go by very quickly. So, you need to make a budget ahead of time.

  1. How to Choose a Casino

Some casinos, Satsport247, give you free money to play. You can try the game with free money if you use these bonuses. Even if you lose, you will know how to win the next time because you will have learned the rules and strategies. But you can also win a lot with free money.

  1. Watch out for the table limit

In many casinos, the number of people who can play at a table is limited. This is done so that players can choose how much they want to bet before each round starts.

Sometimes, when you’re really into the game, you might lose track of the table limit. But try to keep in mind the limits of the table, especially when making side bets. 


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