Top Tips to Study While Working Full Time

Working full time, as well as studying full time, indeed sounds crazy. There are millions of people who work part-time, study full time, or pursue a part-time course, for their full-time work. However, some people might not have heard about individuals working both full-time in the case of studying and working. 

Well, there are thousands of individuals who work on a full-time basis even though they have pursued a full-time course. They are not any extraordinary humans, or they haven’t discovered any way to slow down time. All they have done is get a little bit, smart, hard-working, and disciplined. In addition to that, you also need to do a lot of sacrifices, like abandoning getting out with friends, giving time to your family, and missing so many things, which you want to do. Well if you have pursued this life, then certainly if you have thought about it before.

But keeping these things aside, still it is very difficult to manage these two on a full-time basis. If you’re also a candidate pursuing a full-time course and work, then here are the top tips for you to handle the situation.

Motivate Yourself

Studying and working full-time is not any work of magic, rather you need to stick to the line and stay focused. When you do both of these works simultaneously, sometimes it gets extremely frustrating and you might feel like quitting any of these too. Things will indeed go very crazy. 

However, this is the time when you need to be strong and don’t get distracted. You need to motivate yourself in the hard times, which will make you continue your job and study. For example, the greatest motivation here will be that, you will be able to contribute to your family, and at the same time, you can earn a degree, which very less amount of people are able to do.

Learn to Manage Time

Not only in case of handling this situation but learning time management will help you in different phases of life. And similar goes for the current standing as well. When you’re handling both full-time study and work, managing time certainly becomes obvious. Rather than hard work, and getting through the long processes, you need to do smart work and get your work completed quickly. 

Suppose, you’re in a hurry to go to your office, but you need to learn your lessons as well, from any course selling website. Try to pick up an easy topic, remember the points, and memorize it. It won’t hamper encoding the correct information, and you’ll be able to write the right thing during exams.

Increase your Reading Speed

One of the greatest ways to maintain both your full-time study and work is to increase your reading speed. The human mind has a common tendency to read at an average speed, which is primarily good. Reading at an average speed will help you to understand the information correctly. 

However regular practice of increasing your speed a little bit, will also not hamper your brain in encoding the information, And if you’re able to encode the information fast, then you’ll be able to manage time more efficiently. Suppose you’re learning from any online course selling platform, then try to read it every day, and each day practice increasing your speed. Eventually, it will be increased and will be able to learn fast with efficiency.

Utilize Holidays

Another great way to manage both full-time study and work is to utilize holidays to their fullest. Utilizing holidays, let it be from work or from your college, means you can handle them uniquely. For example, if you have a long weekend of holidays, then you can study more, and complete the maximum part of your study plan by that time, and vice-versa. 

Hence, utilizing holidays will be a great help. Also, while either studying or working on holidays, you can take breaks in between, which will help your brain to work efficiently rather than being jammed, if you work continuously without any gap.

Be a multi-tasker

Handling both full-time work and study signifies that you have an extremely busy life. In that situation, you need to be a good multitasker. Though it is primarily very hard to focus on two things at once, you can do the same easily while doing non-brain activities. Non-brain activities include working out, cooking, taking a bath, etc. While doing any of these you can listen to any online lectures, and simultaneously handle both works

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