Toto Site: How To Use The Toto Site Safely

If you have used sports Toto such as Toto, Proto, and Batman that are legally operated in Korea, we recommend that you use a safer and easier private Toto site.

It is much more convenient and easier to use than Batman Toto, and has a high dividend rate because private major betting companies apply dividends, number of games, and events based on the method operated by large European betting companies, not Sports Toto operated in Korea.

For several reasons, each private betting site pays charging bonuses; raffle points, various events, and the most important is the dividend difference.

When looking at overseas legal Toto sites such as, William Hill, and Paddy Power, and the Batman dividend alone, the return rate is more than 30% higher than that of domestic Batman.

If so, when comparing private Toto sites and overseas betting sites, in the case of private Toto sites, the return rate is inevitably high by about 10%, saying that they basically calculate the amount received from only winnings such as a minimum charge bonus of 5% or more and various events.

It is an established fact that the higher the recharge bonus, the higher the redemption rate, and despite many advantages such as free recharge and exchange, and 24-hour betting, the biggest reason for reluctance to use private Toto sites is eating and running.

How To Use The Toto Site Safely

  • Many of the customers who use the Toto site through the private Toto site will have the experience of eating and running.
  • Unlike before, many private Toto are being created.
  • Most of the private Toto sites are those that open without sufficient capital and do not have the money to give the winnings that should be paid, so black, etc. are blocked, and the Toto site is closed, or only the name is changed and reopened.
  • Currently operating verification companies are not self-censored, but are only made up of information from members’ reports or parsing other communities’ writings, so there are cases where it is not possible to check authentic companies with incorrect information as well as reliability.

However, in our Toto investigation team, we have selected sites with safety as our top priority, and we only recommend sites that can be guaranteed through our own eating and running verification process.

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