Traditional Learning VS. Online learning In The Current Times

Change is the new constant in this world. The only way to thrive on this planet for any species is by adapting and evolving with time. The digital revolution has profoundly transformed our lives, and it has quickly become a ubiquitous part of almost every aspect of our lives. However, it was challenging to infuse new learning methods into the rigid education system. The conventional techniques seem irrelevant and obsolete in this tech-driven era. There are a series of disadvantages of traditional education as it fails to meet the growing demands of the students and prepare them to face the challenges the modern world poses. The education system needs to evolve to make learning more effective.

During the lockdown, the entire world came to a halt, locked people in their homes. Students could not reach their classes, and the schools’ commencement was not ascertained. It was the time when people realized the true power of the internet.

Thus, we are delineating a few advantageous features of online education.

1. Convenience-

Technology offers many advantages, including convenience. Today, we can connect with people, share our lives, shop, study, and bank online at the tap of our fingers. Thus, we don’t need to worry about unnecessary parts like traveling, etc., and skip to the good part. It is easier for us to optimize our time and energy, thus augmenting our productivity. Furthermore, with digital learning, we can access the best universities in the world while sitting on our couch cuddling with our pets. It is a revolution that can potentially change the face of the entire education system.

In traditional schooling, students need to travel long distances pay for parking, transportation, meals, etc., to attend the lesson. Due to this, attendance percentages are negatively affected and students’ commitment to completing their courses.

2. Affordability & Scope-

The academy needs to charge high fees for a minimal range of courses in traditional education. Students only get a few options to choose from the ones available. Moreover, on-campus courses can be pretty expensive, including maintenance charges, tuition fees, transport, utilities, accommodation, food costs, books and study materials, etc.

Students can enroll in a wide variety of online courses at very affordable rates, allowing them to learn uninterrupted. Students can learn programming, designing, communicating, etc., at a very reasonable cost via online courses.

3. Skill Development-

The traditional teaching methods rely on textbooks and theories with few practical implementations. So, the students only learn by reading the text and taking exams in a fixed time interval. As a result, they fail to face real-world challenges that need real-world experience and pragmatic approval to be solved.

Online education expands the horizon of students’ perspectives by exposing them to the real world through modern technologies and advanced study materials in PDFs, explanatory videos, virtual reality, and augmented reality. It enriches the quality of education and enhances the students’ skills to excel in life. In addition, many online degree courses can help you have the edge over the rest of the competition.

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