Two Similarities Between The Star-Spangled Kid/Starman (Sylvester Pemberton) and Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore)

When it comes to DC Comics’ live-action 2019 tv show Stargirl, the titular character (also known by her secret identity name, Courtney Whitmore) isn’t the only superhero featured in the program. There’s also Whitmore’s stepfather, Pat Dugan, who is also known as Stripesy or S.T.R.I.P.E., Sylvester Pemberton, who is known in the series as Starman, and several young members of the new Justice Society of America who have taken on the legacies of the original members of the JSA. The latter list includes Wildcat (Yolanda Montez), Doctor Mid-Nite (Beth Chapel), and Hourman (Rick Tyler).

Courtney Whitmore, in much the same vein as the other young heroes, takes on the legacy of Starman/Star-Spangled Kid when she finds the late hero’s cosmic staff among Pat Dugan’s, her stepfather, possessions. The staff itself grants Whitmore anti-gravity capabilities and she becomes Stargirl, the name of which is inspired by the staff’s original owner, Sylvester Pemberton’s superhero name, Starman. The possession of the cosmic staff, however, is not where the similarities between Stargirl and Starman end. Here are two more similarities that the superhero and his successor share.

Both Began Their Superhero Careers as Teenagers

Starman (known in the comics as the Jerry Siegel created Star-Spangled Kid) began his superhero career when he was a teenager in the age of World War II. A spoiled rich kid, he often snuck out of his home so that he could fight crime (this meant Nazi spies and fifth columnists most of the time) with his adult sidekick, Stripesy. Before gaining access to the cosmic rod, Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy both relied solely on their acrobatics and their hand-to-hand combat techniques and worked to each others’ strengths.

Stargirl (known in the comics as the Geoff Johns created Star-Spangled Kid before becoming Stargirl) also started her superhero career when she was a teenager. She began when she found Star-Spangled Kid’s cosmic belt. 

Both Were Members of the Justice Society Of America

Sure, you can argue that the two superheroes weren’t/aren’t technically part of the same Justice Society of America (JSA), but the second version of the group (at least, the one in the tv show anyways) is meant to parallel the first version in every way that it can and attempts very much to continue the legacy of the original super team. Still, in the comics, the JSA that Stargirl and Star-Spangled Kid join is pretty much the exact same group with a few members switched out here and there Family Friends Quotes.

Star-Spangled Kid joined the JSA shortly after his superhero team The Seven Soldiers Of Victory was lost in time and rescued by the JSA as well as the Justice League Of America. It’s not clear, however, when Stargirl joins the JSA in the comics. When she does join, however, several members of the original JSA have already passed on or retired. Much of the same is true of the JSA in the television show

There are, of course, a lot of things that separate the two heroes, but that can be saved for another time. 

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