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In this article, we would like to introduce our readers to the most important types of bets at online bookmakers in detail. We focus our attention on single bets, combination bets, and system bets.

Single bets

As the name already suggests, single bets are tips that relate to a single bet. The difference between combination bets is that with single bets you only bet on one result. Accordingly, single bets are also ideal for betting beginners, since the chances of winning here are significantly higher than with combination bets. At the same time, even experienced betting professionals place their money mainly on single bets. Overall, single bets account for around 80% of all betting turnover at online bookmakers.

In the case of single bets, a distinction is made between result bets (result bets) and trend bets. If you place a result bet, you are betting on the exact result of a game (e.g. Bayern beats HSV 3-0). With the trend bet, on the other hand, you only bet on the trend of the outcome of the game. Let’s take a football game as an example, here this would be the 3-way bet (1-X-2) and players have three choices, either team 1 wins, team 2 wins or the game ends in a tie. สมัครแทงบอล

This is how the betting profit is calculated for single bets

Placing a single bet is not the only thing that is simple, the calculation of possible winnings is not a science either. In order to calculate the possible profit of a single bet, you only have to multiply the stake by the corresponding betting odds.

Stake x odds = winnings (gross)

Important: This calculation only refers to the gross profit. To calculate the net winnings, the wagered amount must be subtracted from the gross winnings.

Bet Stake x Bet Odds – Stake = Net Win

Which single bets are the most popular?

Probably the most popular type of single bet is definitely the trend bet. Soccer bets are the most popular 먹튀검증 sports bets in this respect, especially in German-speaking countries. People like to bet on the outcome of a soccer game before the game starts, as well as life – i.e. during the game.

Another popular single bet is the long-term bet. Long-term bets are betting tips on events that will not be decided in the immediate future. Examples of this are bets on winning the Bundesliga championship, the coming world champions, European champions, etc.

The most popular sports for single bets include football, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey.

Accumulator bets

With combination bets, several picks can be placed on one betting slip, which brings us to the difference between a combination and a single bet. In the following, we would like to explain how combination bets work and how possible winnings are calculated.

Just like single bets, combination bets are also very popular in the betting scene. As already mentioned, multiple bets are placed on a single bet slip in combination bets. The bet placed is only considered won if all bets placed on the betting slip are won. Just one incorrect bet is enough and the entire combination bet is lost.

Most online betting providers now also accept combination bets that contain tips from a wide variety of sports and leagues. Combination bets are so popular because huge winnings are possible even with small stakes and this is exactly the biggest advantage of this type of bet. The disadvantage is the significantly higher risk of the combination bet compared to the single bet.

This is how the betting profit is calculated for combination bets

Calculating possible bet winnings in accumulator bets is not difficult. For the calculation, the bet simply has to be multiplied by the respective betting odds of all tips on the combo betting slip and the result is the gross profit.

Stake x betting odd tip 1 x betting odd tip 2 x betting odd tip 3 etc. = winnings (gross)

Assuming you place a combination bet on Bayern to win (odds 1.50), Dortmund to win (2.35), Real Madrid to win (1.60) and Manchester United to win (2.3), the possible profit is 12 euros Use 155.66 euros.

In contrast, if you had bet each tip individually and accordingly with 3 euros, the maximum bet profit would only be 23.5 euros.

Is there a minimum and a maximum number of picks for multiple bets?

Basically, it is already a combination bet if two tips have been placed on the betting slip. However, some online bookmakers only offer combination bets for three or more picks. The maximum number of tips that can be combined varies depending on the bookmaker. At Betway, for example, a combination bet can contain up to 14 picks, and at Interwetten even up to 20.

System bets

Basically, system bets can be described as a variant and further development of combination bets. System bets simply consisted of multiple combination bets placed on a single betting slip. So bettors have the opportunity to play several combination bets on just one ticket. The big difference to the normal combination bet is that a profit can be made despite incorrect tips. How many wrong picks are allowed depends on the chosen system. Overall, the risk is reduced enormously in comparison to the combination bet, although it is advisable to use a system bet calculator.

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