Understanding More About Pressure Washers

Pressure washers have become a popular means to clean cars and even pavements. Depending on what you intend to clean, you get to choose a pressure washer that best suits you.

This article explains how the pressure washer works and what you would consider while purchasing one.

Features of a pressure washer

    1. Inlet – It has a filter that filters particles to avoid blockage. It is connected to the water source to move water in.
    2. Motor or engine – Pressure washers have a gas-powered or electric motor to power the washer.
    3. Pump – It allows water flow by creating a pressure difference.
    4. Hose- It is a high-pressure tube that moves water from the washer.
    5. Cleaning attachment – Attached to the other end of the hose. Depending on what you are cleaning, they vary from a trigger gun to a rotating brush.

Working principle.

A pressure washer is either powered by a motor or an engine. It generates power that powers the water pump. The water inlet draws water from the source. The basin then filters the water to ensure no debris gets into the washer. Soap is mixed with water by the pump, and the mix is released at high pressure to the hose. The cleaning attachment attached to the horse jets out the water hitting the surface being cleaned at high pressure. This makes it easy to clean a large surface in a short time with little effort.

Things you need to consider

    1. Ease to transport – Choose a pressure washer that you can quickly move from one place to another. It could be light enough for you to carry or if heavy, they come with a wheel to allow you to push to the desired location.
    2. Budget – Choose a pressure washer that best suits your pocket and is durable to avoid replacement which could be costly going by the pressure washer price in Kenya.
    3. Length of the hose pipe – Depending on what you intend to be cleaning, pick a long enough hose to clean a large area at a time and reach all parts.
    4. Size of the engine – If you choose a washer with high pressure, the water will flow at a faster rate and a higher pressure than a low-pressure engine.
    5. Purpose – Pressure washers can be used to clean swimming pools, drive-ins, pavements, or even cars. So make sure to choose what best suits your job.


    1. Clean the filter regularly to avoid blockage.
    2. Check for tears on the hose and replace or repair if any.
    3. If using fuel-powered engines, always make sure to inspect the oil level.
    4. Inspect the spray nozzle for any particles and clean it by jetting out clean water.
    5. To move your pressure washer, avoid pulling the hose.

Safety precautions when using.

    1. Make sure you don’t drink before using the pressure washer.
    2. Avoid cleaning fragile objects using the washer to avoid breaking them.
    3. Ensure that children are not around when operating a pressure washer.
    4. Make sure you dress correctly when using the washer.


Pressure washer gets the job done most efficiently and effectively and is, therefore, a good investment.

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