Updated Yocan apex mini vaporizer Review

If you are a vape lover, then the Yocan apex mini vaporizer is the best option for you. It is the latest and more portable version of dab pens produced by Yocan a few months ago. It is a very amazing and attractive vaporizer that can be used for enjoying vaping using concentrates.

So, it is the portable and smaller version of the genuine apex pen vaporizer. Thus, this mini vaporizer uses dual quartz mini coils to keep the purity of the material. It uses a powerful lithium-ion battery of 380mAh capacity.

Also, it has variable settings of voltages. The voltage settings are 4.2 volts for a red light and green light,  3.8 volts for blue light, and the last one 3.4 volts for white light. So, another major difference between this mini vaporizer and other wax pens is. Thus, this mini vaporizer heats the coils of the dab pen at a faster rate as compared to others.

Benefits of Yocan apex mini vaporizer

So, here are some of the great advantages of this mini vaporizer.

  •         This tool is related to the wax vape pen
  •         It has a great powerful battery of capacity 380mAh
  •         It uses the 510 thread for connecting the battery
  •         The voltage range of vape is from 3.4 volts to 4.2 volts.
  •         In the coils, it is important to use the dual quartz coils
  •         The resistances of the coils are 0.8 volts
  •         By using the coil cap, you can avoid the overheating of the mouthpiece
  •         For changes the voltage setting, press the button for 3 times quickly
  •         For locking and unlocking press the button five times. This option can also be used for the protection of kids
  •         It blinks the safety light 10 times when the power of the battery falls down
  •         For the protection of any short circuit, it blinks the light 3 times

Operational strategy of Yocan apex mini vaporizer

So, vape pens are becoming popular day by day as compared to the other smoking tools. The reason is that they are free from tobacco and are more portable and smaller in size. So, those people who are using it for the first time will appreciate this tool.

Attributes of mini vaporizer

  •         It uses the quartz dual coils
  •         It has changeable settings of voltages
  •         It has the latest and amazing design coil cover
  •         It also uses a powerful 380mAh battery.

The hottest shape of cover for protection

So, this Yocan apex vaporizer comes with dual quartz coils. These are the latest mini coils that are specially designed for this mini vaporizer. Thus, now you will see great newly designed coils, with deeper chambers and tighter circumference instead of those typical coils.

So, the advantage is, by using this mini vaporizer you can load more wax concentrates. Additionally, it has a very small chance of spilling wax concentrates because of its deeper chamber. Also, with the newly designed cap, it has the latest designed coil cover made by Yocan to enjoy the concentrates without any spit back.

Thus, this mini vaporizer works very efficiently as in its previous versions. Also, it comes with a dual quartz coil which offers the efficient and fast vaporization of the wax concentrates.

Long operational capacity

So, this version of Yocan is portable and smaller as compared to others. Thus, it means it uses a small rechargeable battery to fit in it. The power capacity of the battery is 380 mAh. It is enough and it gives you the best results. Also, for maintaining the long life of the battery or preservation of the battery, it constantly drops its setting of temperature.

So, you can use the Yocan apex mini vaporizer anywhere and anytime due to this great advantage of battery life and smaller size. The width and circumference of this mini vaporizer are 0.44 inches and its original version has 0.55 inches. Also, it is 4.3 inches tall while its original version is 4.42 inches tall.

Additionally, you can able to keep it in your palms, and also you can slide this portable vaporizer into your pocket. So, when it needs to charge you can use its USB charging cable. So, simply connect the cable to the adapter or your desktop computer for fast charging.

Yocan apex mini vaporizer for smoke dabs

  •         So, for the very first fully charged the battery of vaporizer
  •         After this make sure to correctly place the coils, then fill the wax concentrates in the vaporizer
  •         For turning on the battery simply press the power button five times quickly
  •         So, for vaporizing the concentrates simply press and hold the button
  •         Keep on enjoying the vapors until the wax concentrate is fully consumed

For continuation of Yocan mini vaporizer

The Yocan apex mini vaporizer is manufactured by using only a few parts. So, it is very easy to take care of and maintain these parts. Below are some ways that, how you can maintain and take care of your mini vaporizer.

  •         Thus, maintaining the long lives of the battery use only the dedicated charging cable instead of the others. Also, don’t leave the battery on charging for a long time as it results in a reduction of battery life.
  •         Thus, you can clean the dust on the mini vaporizer battery by using alcohol wipes.

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