Vacay Vibes: How Many Hilton Grand Vacation Clubs Are There?

The travel bug is biting everyone! After being cooped up for so long, people are wanting to go out and explore. They are looking for the best vacations possible.

The Hilton Grand Vacation Club (HGVC) has been a popular find for many people. Over 250,000 people from all over the world are members. They love the convenience of the ownership plan and all the perks they get. 

The Hilton Grand Vacation Focus

Hilton Grand Vacations seeks to give a 4-star upscale to upper-upscale experience at almost sixty locations around the world. The properties have spacious rooms with living and dining areas, kitchens, and washers and dryers.

HGVC also focuses on good communication and connection with its members. They help with trip reservations and other needs you may have. They also have a very clear HGVC cancellation policy.

The HGVC Types

The grand vacation locations are a different mix of properties with different focuses. Some are geared toward adults and others are geared toward families. The Hilton Grand Vacations Orlando locations are a mix of the two types.

The property’s focus is to be a resort destination where guests can relax and stay on the property. They have numerous on-site amenities like pools, restaurants, sports facilities, and video arcades. 

The HGVC Locations

The HGVC has just under 60 clubs around the world that they manage or are affiliated with. The majority of their locations are in the US and here is a quick glimpse of a few of the many offerings they have.

Hilton Grand Vacations Florida

Florida has multiple locations for you to choose from. Orlando has four separate locations appealing to kids or adults. Miami has a location in the popular Art Deco District!

Hilton Grand Vacations Las Vegas

Hilton has 5 locations across Las Vegas for your convenience. Some are right in the middle of the strip and some are by the convention center. They even have properties located in the famous Trump Tower of Vegas.

Hilton Grand Vacations Hawaii

HGVC has 10 locations spread out across the Hawaiian islands. Five are on Oahu, four on the Big Island, and one in Maui. The Maui location is an all-suite beachfront property on 27 acres.

Hilton Grand Vacations International

HGVC has some of its own properties located around the world. They have four properties in Scotland, one in Italy, one in Portugal, and one in Barbados. They also connect with many Hilton Clubs that HGVC members can use. 

A benefit to HGVC members is their option to cooperate with the Resort Condominiums International vacation exchange. This opens up over 4000 locations around the world for HGVC members.

Ready for a Vacation?

If staying at a resort destination is your style of vacation, you may want to look into the Hilton Grand Vacation Club. It may be a perfect fit for you and your family.

Check out more of our articles as we help you find the balance between work and family. We’ll even help you find a good place to relax and go on vacation!

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