What Are Gravity-Based Water Purifier and It’s Benefits?

Gravity-based water purifiers don’t consume electricity for their operation. Rather, this purifier uses UF or activated carbon. The activated carbon is created from small size carbon granules. And this activated carbon helps in absorbing pollutants present in water.

Gravity-based purifiers and filters

Gravity based water Purifier only uses the gravity method, which forces “push” the water down filter steps. They usually run without electricity, and there is a need for installation and offer more reliable water quality than just boiling the water. The gravity water purifier is a great, economical option for previously chlorinated water and has low suspended contaminants.

Gravity-based purifiers usually have two chambers that are fixed as one above another. The first one is to pour in water and the second one is to store filter water. Filter steps happened between these two chambers, serving as a medium, so when the water inside the top chamber goes downwards; the water gets purified directly because of Gravity. The water gets transported to the below section typically in half an hour.

Various filtration stages employed in Gravity-based purifiers are chemical-based disinfection, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and carbon. Filters with low prices can only use 1 or 2 of the above-mentioned steps. The microfiltration process filters around 0.1 microns. There is a removal of sediments, cysts, and most bacteria in this stage. And, ultrafiltration process filters up to 0.001 microns, and it can remove most viruses. Chemical-based disinfection adds chlorine or bromine to the water to disinfect it, similar to the municipal water supply. These chemicals are themselves contaminants, though. The activated carbon present in the gravity water filter served as a polisher, removing chlorine, and other organic composites, enhancing the taste and smell of the water.

Several gravity-based water filters decrease waterborne disease that causes bacteria and infections by combining a disinfecting chemical, then applying a post-carbon filter to eliminate the chemical. Regrettably, these cannot eliminate other contaminants such as Fluoride, Arsenic, and Lead. These chemicals also do not work efficiently for hard water. Gravity-based water filters are not the most suitable choice for a large family because there is a great waiting time before the water gets filtered. In addition, they usually have a small storage capacity, so you must regularly pour water.

Hollow Fibers of Gravity Water Purifiers

The UF water purifier has a collection of hollow fibers of the membrane. When water moves within these hollow fibers, contaminants will stick to it. Water will get filtered using the standard gravity procedure, which begins from the high to the lower.

The water will naturally flow from the top compartment to the bottom one. You can depend on microfiber mesh, activated carbon filtering, and specific polishers to eliminate the residual chemicals for filtering the water.

Fiber Mesh Usage in Gravity Water Filters

Gravity water purifier consists of a fiber mesh, just a simple kind of cloth. It eliminates noticeable dirt and other hazardous particles. And activated carbon modules eliminate all kinds of dirt, pesticide pollutants, and parasites.

Nowadays, many water purifiers’ known brands are using gravity-based or non-electric-based water purification methods. And the filtration method is performed using a UF membrane. This UF membrane is just like the RO membrane; nevertheless, it is larger pore size.

Although the pore size of the UF membrane is very small, it can quickly separate the smallest microorganism like cysts and bacteria. Therefore, there is no doubt that the gravity-based water purification method is the best disinfection technology.

10 Advantages of Gravity Based Water Purification Method

  • It works without using any electricity
  • A gravity-based water purification system helps remove all kinds of dirt and other particles
  • It helps in eliminating hazardous residual chemicals
  • It can efficiently absorb all types of pollutants and impurities available in the water
  • Gravity-based water purification systems can eliminate pesticide contaminants and also parasites
  • It can also eliminate turbidity
  • Gravity-based water purifiers produce the most filtered water as compared to boiled water
  • They are available at a low price
  • Gravity water purifiers are extremely easy to operate, clean, and have lower maintenance.

How the Gravity does based water purifier work?

Gravity-based water filters don’t consume electricity; rather, they use activated carbon or UF. Activated carbon is prepared from small-sized carbon particles that absorb contaminants existing in the water. And UF membrane includes a collection of hollow fibers of the membrane. While water moves into these hollow fibers, contaminants stick to it.

This means water is filtered through a normal gravity process, from the higher point to a lower end, without the help of any external force and the most significant advantage is Gravity based water purifiers works without electricity. The water flows from the top compartment to the bottom chamber, naturally. Usually, for filtering, they depend upon microfiber mesh, activated carbon filtering, and some polisher that removes residual chemicals.

Fiber mesh is basically, kind of cloth that removes visible dirt and other particles. Following this, an activated Carbon Module eliminates any additional dirt, parasites, and pesticide contaminants. Then the polisher modules remove any chlorine or other dissolved chemicals.

Apart from these modules, some Gravity-based water purifiers come with UF technology. This has another filtration process using UF Membrane. UF Membrane has pores of 0.1 microns which is small enough to filter out bacteria and other microorganisms like cysts. So we recommend getting a UF-based machine if you are going for a Gravity-based water purifier.

The water purified from Gravity-based filters is more suitable than boiled water and safer than chemically filtered water. The gravity water purifier is the perfect choice for municipal or corporation water, which is already chemically refined. Municipal water reaches houses from running pipelines, so it does not have many dangerous impurities and pollutants.

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