What Are the Different Types of Golf Clubs That Exist Today?

Golf is quite a popular sport in the US, having gone mainstream as early as eight decades ago. Today, at least one out every three Americans aged six years and above play golf or watch the sport. This translates to about 101 million Americans who visit golf courses or watch at home.

About 24.8 million Americans are active golf players on course. Another 12.1 million engage in golfing activities of the course. Notable areas with off-course golf activities include driving ranges and indoor golf simulators arenas such as Drive Shack and Top Golf.

Besides these statistics, it can be surprising that golf clubs are not equal. So, what are the prevalent types of golf clubs? Which one should you go for if you want to have the best fun and experience?

Check out this guide to learn the different types of golf clubs.

1.Wedge Golf Clubs

Wedge golf clubs are a go-to option if you want to be in your element and change the game’s outcome. Wedges have a unique characteristic called “bounce” that makes it possible to hit balls on sand or turf surface. Thus, it’s ideal for chipping than hitting balls to cover big distances.

There are four types of wedge golf clubs, including gap, sand, pitching, and lob.

2.Hybrid Types of Golf Clubs

Hybrids are one of the best golf clubs made in the 21st century. Some people refer to them as utility clubs because they combine both wood and iron golf clubs.

Due to this combination, hybrid golf clubs are ideal for airborne shots. They also offer greater swing control.

Hybrid golf clubs are a perfect replacement for 2, 3, or 4 iron clubs. If you’re an amateur golfer and want to avoid mishits, this club sounds like a good option. Just ensure you carry a Samsung golf watch with you to the course, and you’ll have the best experience with hybrids.

3.Fairway Woods Golf Club

Despite the name Fairy Woods, this golf club has no links to wood. Some people refer to them as fairway metals. This club features graphite construction, with an array of loft ranges, including 3, 5, and 7.

Also, fairway woods club heads are slightly smaller than Drivers. They have a distinct flat face, making them ideal for shots that require a relatively long distance.

A smart golfer will find this club ideal for making Par 3 tee and Par 4 tee shots. The loft range for this club is about 12 to 20 degrees, allowing you to make higher but softer shots.

4.Drivers Golf Club

Are you an amateur golfer? Well, you fit in the Drivers golf club. Driver golfers play using the lowest loft compared to other types of golf clubs. The loft angle in Drivers golf club is usually a range of 7 to 11 degrees, depending on how far you want your ball to go.

Other notable characteristics of this golf club include graphite shafts and, obviously, the largest club head. The clubhead usually has a 460cc size, which is what experts recommend for amateurs.

5.Putters Golf Club

Any smart golfer knows about Putters golf club. It’s the most important club in the industry since you’ll find it in most games.

Essentially, there are two types of putters, including blade and mallet. Blade is prevalent with skilled golfers, while mallet offers more stability than blade.

Get the Right Golf Club and Change the Game

All these types of golf clubs are ideal for varying players. When getting one, consider how far you want the ball to go and how much swing control you want. If you’re a skilled golfer, the latter shouldn’t worry you that much.

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