What You Should Know About Articles of Organization

You will come across Articles of Organization when creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC). It is an essential prerequisite for registering an LLC in many cities, counties, or states. You should get familiar with it to meet your state’s regulations. This article explains this document and how to file for one. 

What Is It? 

Articles of organization are required pieces of documents for starting an LLC, specifying details about its formation and members. It includes information about forming an LLC, such as what’s expected of its members or their specific responsibilities. Providing this document is important because it is part of the regulations. Moreover, it costs some money to file for the document as the state will specify a fixed fee for the process. 

Why Is It Important?

It all boils down to your location. Your state has laws every business owner must obey. So, Articles of Organization are requirements for setting up an LLC. Some cities have other requirements for giving out a business license. You must inquire and prepare the necessary documents as an attorney or business executive. 

For example, New York has specific regulations about this document and the process. You must have Articles of Organization before you file an LLC’s operating agreement. Specifically, they expect LLCs to start filing for it about 90 days before they get an Operating Agreement.

Some business owners do not know about this document or have limited knowledge of the process. Their business consultants or attorneys are responsible for informing them about it. All you have to do is find an LLC formation service that will assist you with your registration process

The Articles of Organization should be delivered to the state’s company registrar. You can check their website or ask for their location in your state. After approval, the document becomes legal. It will bind every decision of the LLC in that state. Therefore, it is important to understand every detail of the process and requirements. 

The Content of the document

The content of the Articles of Organization is usually the crucial details like the ones listed below: 

  • Company’s address
  • Your state address
  • A statement of the business purpose (another document you should create meticulously.)
  • Your business name
  • Member’s names and addresses of every member
  • Your registered agent’s information, such as name, some forms, their address, etc. 
  • The goals and management structure of your business.

Filing for Articles of Organization

Follow this process to file for Articles of Organization.

Go to the website 

Find out what the state wants from all LLCs and head to the website of the state secretary. Understand what the said office requires. Usually, this process can be handled online. You should get a form from the websites or office where you input information about the LLC. Also, confirm other important requirements, like the filing fee.

Fill out the form

Provide answers to the input spaces of the form. Have the needed information at hand when doing this. The information to provide includes the names, purposes, and addresses of your LLC and its registered agent. 

Answer some questions 

Although not all states will ask you additional questions, you should prepare for this, too. A few of them will ask questions before you can submit the form. Make sure you review the information you’ve imputed before you submit.

Follow What Works In Your State 

Articles of Organization are important across regions but the requirements may vary slightly in some states. The first important step is knowing what to expect from the secretary of state’s office.

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