Which watches looks expensive but are relatively cheap?

Luxury timepieces may seem amazing, but their price tag isn’t that great. The majority of individuals do not have thousands of dollars available to spend on wristwatches. But it doesn’t mean you have to accept an unattractive watch. You’d be surprised at how stylish some inexpensive timepieces can be.

To make your life easy, we have put together a detailed list of the most affordable watches that appear expensive.  Your pals will assume you spent a lot of money on a much more costly item if they see you wearing one of these sub-$200 watches.

Casio MDV

The Casio MDV106 is a fantastic option for bigger wrists and is a favorite diver wristwatch in the internet community. I’m always in awe of how much Japanese watchmaker Casio can pack into its budget timepieces. With the spinning bezel, 200 meters of water resistance, and sturdy stainless-steel case, this might be the last diving watch you ever need for way under $100. This would surely cost more than $200, if not more, with a new branding attached.

Even the back of the case has intricate engravings that put more costly dive timepieces to shame. The black sunburst display provides the appearance of superior workmanship. This Casio watch doesn’t have as much writing on it as other Casio watches, and it looks better for it. Although it is simple to suggest the Duro, bigger wrists are better suited for it because of its 42mm width.

Nixon Timekeeper 

The majority of trendy timepieces seem less appealing in person than they do online. Thankfully, the Nixon Time Teller avoids this snare. With a retro design that slightly reminds me of vintage Rolex oyster models, this watch has incredibly adaptable aesthetics. Although the specs are nothing ground-breaking and the dial is undoubtedly on the simple side, it has some lovely touches. Its 37mm diameter is ideal for this kind of watch, and its 9mm depth makes it rather thin. Additionally, it features a stunning 100m water resistance rating, which is higher than the 30m seen on other fashion watches with comparable styling. I believe this to be the ideal stylish watch, costing no more than $70.


Unexpectedly, Timex is the manufacturer of this elegant, rectangular dress watch. This one has a clear dial, rounded edges, and a real diamond at the 12-hour mark. It appears much, much more expensive than that of the small $60 price tag and has a Movado-like appearance. This one will seem expensive at black-tie parties, and no one will suspect you paid so little because of the compact casing and shiny finish. This watch has a 24mm bracelet for the strap; other listings claim a 26mm lug size, which is inaccurate. Though the standard one ought to enough, keep this in mind if you decide to replace it.

Pagani PD-2720K

The rare Pagani Design chrono blow people away when they test it and is maybe the most “overpowered” watch I’ve ever seen for the price.  Watch lovers have no doubt that this would sell for at least $200 if not more if it had a more recognizable brand name on the front. Despite having an Italian-sounding name, this company is Chinese, and man, have they filled this item with the goodies.

It has a high-end Seiko VK67 meca-quartz movements, which is one of my favorites. By some wonder, they are offering this wristwatch for around $40 despite the movements alone having a retail value of about $30. You would typically anticipate poor workmanship and quality at that price. But in this instance, the watch feels and looks far more expensive. You’ll smile when you open this, just as I did, since you got a good deal.

Seiko SUP880/SFP608 

The traditional Cartier Tank is quite popular among men. Even though I adore the watch, the price tag of almost $2000 turns me off. A Seiko watch that, you’d assume cost the same amount can be yours for little over $100. The SUP880, which has a sun motion sensor and can be charged by sunshine, is the somewhat superior choice if you can find one. This is quite efficient and can significantly increase the watch’s lifespan. The SFP608, which is almost similar but lacks solar capabilities, is often less expensive as a consequence. Both have a classic style that will surely still be fashionable in 20 years.

Seiko SNK 793 

When you can acquire a Seiko 5 for around $100 and have the same fundamental appearance and feel, it’s hard for me to rationalize investing over $300 on a Seiko watch. Seiko 5 watches are very well-liked among everyday wearers because they include Seiko automated movements, stainless construction, and adequate water resistance. The SNK793, which costs three times as much yet resembles numerous Seiko models, was recently the subject of my review. There are plenty more Seiko 5 models available if that watch isn’t your style.

Starking AM0184SS12L 

This Starking watch offers a lot in a very affordable packaging, making it maybe the cheapest option to get an automatic dress watch. Although there isn’t much quality control on them, if you locate a nice one, it may still be a terrific deal. If you’re on a limited budget, this is one of the most affordable watches just on list and makes a wonderful dress watch.

Invicta Pro Diver

A watch that costs less than $100 and resembles a Rolex Submariner is the Invicta Pro Diver. This watch clearly pays tribute to the previous Rolex in every way, even down to the almost identical size. Your colleagues will be amazed that this didn’t cost you hundreds of dollars due to its Seiko automatic movement & recognizable diver design.

Although it features a side engraving which might not be to everyone’s taste, this affordable diving watch has everything you’d expect, including great water resistance. But it’s obvious why this watch has been Invicta’s top seller for decades.

Final words

All these watches are affordable, but they deliver a luxurious look and feel. Therefore, you can think about spending your money to purchase any of these watches without keeping a doubt in mind.

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