Why a Comedian at a Party Is a Good Idea

Comedy is a fantastic art form that understands the art of surprising people and connecting with others.  Although there has been some divisive comedy acts in recent years, and everyone’s sense of humor is different: most great comedians are able to toe the line between hilarious and respectful.

These are the top reasons why comedy is a great entertainment idea for any party!

An Act Besides the Usual Musicians

Although musical acts are great: they’re also some of the most common forms of entertainment at a party.  With musical acts, you’re expected to dance and move around on the dance floor with guests instead of interacting in other ways.  Speakers can make it impossible to talk and have fun, and you’re stuck with a lot of parties that feel very one-note.

Instead of dealing with this, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a comedian!  Comedians make connections others wouldn’t make and can allow crowds to feel far more in tune with each other than they would if they were simply dancing to whatever music was on in the background.

Let The Crowd Feel Connected

Every event should leave guests feeling connected to one another after they leave.  A great comedy act will be able to create and strengthen connections between everyone at your party.

Laughter is a social behavior, and when we laugh with people, we start to feel connected to them more intimately.  This doesn’t mean romantically necessarily but allows friendship, relationships, and family connections to feel stronger and more natural through time.

Something to Bring Focus Back In Lulls

IF there’s any lull in the event, a comedian can get on stage and bring the attention back to what’s at hand.  Professionals like Tony Baker understand what audiences need and can feed them quotes, funny stories, and connections that the audience might not have caught otherwise.

A great comedy act will ensure that there’s no boring moment at a party, acting as a professional class clown to keep all eyes up and forward.

Leave Your Guests Something to Quote

If you want to make your party as memorable as possible: it’s time for a comedy act.  Comedians give your guests something to quote and talk about, with lines that will stick in their memory for weeks, months, and even years.  The right comedian will ensure your party is the highlight of that year and that nobody wants to miss out on an invite to your next one!

Laughter Helps Us Release Serotonin!

When we laugh, our bodies naturally produce and secrete serotonin: also known as the happy chemical.  This can give anyone a giddy and lighthearted feeling, allowing them to cut loose and fully enjoy the event they’re attending.  If you’re worried about different guests clashing, all of those fears will be assuaged the moment you find the right act for your party!

Every Party Can Be Boosted By a Great Comedian!

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or a corporate event: a comedian can make everything more fun!  Hire a comedian for your next gathering!

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