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We feel spoiled to have a fireplace on our property after not having one in our previous home. This is a wood-burning fireplace, and while we haven’t used it yet, the notion of cuddling by the fire is enough to make me appreciate it. At the very least, the thought of hanging stockings there next Christmas season makes me dizzy.

However, when we moved home, this fireplace needed some TLC. We tiled it several months ago, but I didn’t want to publish a proper article about it until all of the changes were completed. And now Makarna Marble Rajasthan that the built-in pieces are in place, I can finally show off all of the intricacies of our white marble tile fireplace!

Changing the fireplace

When we first moved here, the fireplace looked like this. To be honest, I didn’t think it was all that awful. I simply needed to tidy it up a little and replace the ugly red brick with something a little more myself.

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So, as we were demoing and building around this fireplace, the first thing we did to improve the aesthetic of the fireplace electric insert was to clean it.

Clear out the fireplace

I began by grabbing our shop vacuum and vacuuming out all of the loose dirt in the fireplace. That made a significant impact.

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I next cleaned off the extra soot with a vinegar and water solution. Wear old clothes and use very old clothes for this stage since it is quite messy. I was astounded with how much soot and the Markana White Marble Price black discoloration came off the inner walls of the fireplace just by cleaning. But, once everything was said and done, I didn’t enjoy the appearance since it was uneven and still appeared unclean.

The inside of the fireplace was spray painted

I spray painted (and painted) the interior of the fireplace black using the same stuff Casey used on his fireplace and Casey’s step-by-step guide. If you’re worried about spray painting his house, Rustoleum has a similar substance in a paint container that you can roll or brush over the fireplace to prevent overspray. Just make sure your area is adequately aired because this paint has a strong odor! Read more about

Can you believe how much of a difference there is? That one coat of paint made a significant difference in the overall cleanliness of the look!

I also cleaned and painted the log grates in the same manner. I didn’t think it was essential to go out and get a new one, so I cleaned it up and sprayed it to make it seem new.

Choosing the right tiles for the fireplace

What’s next on the agenda? Choosing tile to replace the existing red brick. Matt and I went to Floor and Decor and looked at a variety of tile possibilities. I knew I wanted something simple and understated. I also wanted to make sure it could handle the heat from the fireplace and integrate some of the neutral hues we intend to utilize in this room. I was sold on the white marble tiles after seeing this fireplace installation.

Tile specifics

In fact, much like the inspiration pictures, we ended up purchasing two distinct tiles from Floor and Decor. We purchased a box of this tile (12 12 ′′ Sahara Carrara Brick Marble Mosiac) for the face of the fireplace. We purchased this tile (3 x 6 ′′ Sahara Carrara Marble Tile) for the fireplace floor.

We installed the tile on the front of the fireplace in the typical subway tile style but provided a subtle contrast by putting it over a herringbone pattern. I like the new design, however, I made a mistake that I’d like to warn you about so you don’t make the same error.

Error in mosaic

When our tile contractors were here finishing up our lobby renovation, we added the extra tile project to the list. That meant that the majority of the mosaic was completed while he was at work. When I arrived home, I was shocked to see that some of the herringbone pattern pieces were MUCH darker than I had anticipated, but it was too late to remove them.

If you recreate this craft (or any marble mosaic project! ), my suggestion is to comb through the mosaic boxes and eliminate any parts you don’t like before you start the mosaic. This will keep you from having the same “surprise” as for me when you get home. In the end, it’s not a huge problem, and I rather like the contrast. BUT, knowing what I know now, I would have hand-picked the tiles I wanted to use (or, at the very least, the ones I didn’t want to use) to make the appearance more consistent. I suppose it’s a lesson learned for the next time.

The upgraded marble tile fireplace

We waited a bit after the tile was finished for the recessed components to be placed (which came with a mini-facelift of the wood fireplace decorations), and I can’t get enough of the new appearance. Some of the colors on the carpet and sofa are brought out by the traces of gray and beige in the white marble tiles. Also, the white tile is so clean that it doesn’t draw too much notice while yet being sophisticated.

Since we moved here, our tiny fireplace has gone a long way. With a thorough cleaning, a coat of black spray paint, and some new tile, this 65-year-old fireplace looks like new!

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