Your guide to retrograde ejaculation

In the usual trajectory of the male orgasm, semen is transported from the testicles to the urethra via the Vas deferens. 

Urethra carries both, urine, and semen out of the body. However, there are muscles that block the flow of the urine so that the route is empty for the semen to travel during the preparation for an orgasm. 

The semen then is carried out through the penis when men orgasm. In retrograde ejaculation, this is not what transpires. 

Requiring help from an Andrologist in Lahore, retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen enters the bladder rather than exiting from the penis. Consequently, there is very little ejaculate, or none even. 

Whereas it does not have an impact on the male health per se, and does not interfere with the pleasure either, it does however, lead to infertility, since the ejaculate does not have enough sperm. 

Symptoms of retrograde ejaculation 

The most apparent and salient symptom of retrograde ejaculation is the lack of ejaculate upon orgasm. 

Moreover, since the semen goes into bladder, therefore, you may then experience cloudy urine as well. Being unable to father a child is also the sign of retrograde ejaculation. 

Causes of retrograde ejaculation 

The most common cause of retrograde ejaculation is the malfunctioning of the bladder neck muscles that block the pathway to the bladder. Since they are not effective in blocking the route, the sperm spills into the bladder instead of going ahead to the urethra. 

There are many reasons why this problem with the muscle might manifest. It may be that you had surgery in the region, like bladder neck surgery or surgery for cancer, that then caused problem with the muscles. 

Since muscles are intricately linked to the nerve controlling them, any issue with the concerned nerves can also lead to retrograde ejaculation. Common conditions that can cause nerve damage include diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or some spinal injury can also be behind the problem. 

Similarly, the malfunctioning of the muscles may also be a result of the medications that you might be taken. Some medicines that might include these problems as side-effect include hypertension, depression, and prostate enlargement pills. 

Diagnosing retrograde ejaculation 

Having dry orgasm is caused not only because of retrograde ejaculation. There are other conditions that can lead to this problem, including surgical removal of bladder or prostate. Men who get radiation therapy are also at risk for dry orgasm. 

Therefore, getting a proper diagnosis is imperative before you rush to conclusions. During consultation, alongside taking relevant history, your doctor will also require semen and urine samples. These will help in ascertaining if you are experiencing RE. 

Treating retrograde ejaculation 

Unless you want to have children, retrograde ejaculation might not be much of a problem, since it does not cause pain, jeopardize the health, or reduce the pleasure. And even in case of fertility, you can go for alternate fertility treatment options like artificial insemination and IVF. 

The treatment is contingent on the cause of the issue. If medication is behind the problem, then your doctor might help you shift drugs, if possible, to ones that do not lead to retrograde ejaculation. 

Moreover, you may also be allowed to take drugs that can then help in the performance of the bladder neck muscles. These include ephedrine, midodrine, brompheniramine, chlorpheniramine, phenylephrine etc. However, if the nerve of muscle damage is grave, the medicines might not be of much help, as this sort of damage tends to be irreversible and if extent is great, irredeemable. 

Preventing retrograde ejaculation 

Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do to prevent a case of RE. You can work to lower your risks, however. Make sure your blood pressure is fine, as it plays a key role in the reproductive health. 

Similarly, if you are having surgery of your nether regions, ask your Andrologist in Karachi about risk of RE. 

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