10 Essential Tips for Class 9 Olympiad Exam Preparation

Olympiads are something which quite happens every year at different levels and also they come for different subjects. Therefore apart from the core points that a student needs to keep to prepare it is also important the complementary things are also prepared before giving an Olympiad. Once the above things are kept in mind by the student it is best for the student to take it to the next step which is the step of preparation. 

  1. Choosing the Olympiad: As been said earlier there are different Olympiads taken at different levels and also that they are for different subjects. Hence the first step a student of Class 9 must take is to choose the Olympiad which he or she wishes to write. This is to mean that the student has to decide the level of Olympiad they want to write (can be of various levels and toughness). Also, that Olympiads are available for different subjects such as Maths, Science etc. Therefore it is important this first and the basic step is taken beyond which all the other steps would matter in consonance with it.
  2. Knowledge of the syllabus: This is the first step in the actual meaning of the preparation. In other words, we can say that whatever is done before this step is just a basic process. It is this step that actually makes the starting point for the preparation process. Though indeed for many people this might also not look like a preparatory step it is important to realise this is the first and most basic one that every student must pass through before giving any Olympiad. This would require a pleasant skimming of the syllabus so as to know the content of the Olympiad in a brief. Thereby going through this step the student will know what is there and what is not there and what is to be done and what is not to be done.
  3. Understand the level: This point was also spoken earlier where the brief of how a preparation goes was given. As said this step might also form a basic or a primary step in the fact that choosing a level is also in the hands of students in regards to the Olympiad. Also, this step will provide the reason for the preparation of the Olympiad which means that through this step the student will know the range of the examination he or she has to give. This step will also additionally let the student know what his or her level is and what to be done in furtherance to reach the required level. Therefore skipping this step would even cost the examination at a big time. It is only after following steps 2 and step 3 the actual process of preparation starts.
  4. Planning: The steps which we have seen earlier from the basic ones and rather we can say they are an essential step irrespective of what as they form the foundation for the preparation of an Olympiad. This step would actually be the last of the selective preparation step or in other words the qualitative process. It is from the next step the quantitative or the working process. This would mean that this step would actually be covered under the aspect of the preparation step because the above three would fall under the pre-execution step. This is also a transitional step because this is where there is a change from preparation to execution.
  5. Making and sticking to a schedule: The very next step after planning is to make a schedule accordingly. It is this process where a student has to make a timetable which must contain the timelines on to the content they have to prepare. It is also important that he or she follows the timetable. Students must also make sure the timetable which they prepare is flexible in accordance with changes so that even at times where they cannot do strict adherence to certain timelines they will be able to make reasonable changes.
  6. Effective working: It is such that a timetable or a schedule is made. The very next step that a student must follow is the effective working of the same. It is from Day 1 the duty of the student to work on the schedule in the suitable timeline in an effective manner meaning that the subject they prepare and the things they do for preparation must go well with each other. This means arranging the chapters, working on the process required for these chapters and a few other things.
  7. Practice:  This is a general step every student must follow before giving any Olympiad or examination. It is the efforts that a student puts at this level which they will get the fruit off at the end of the Olympiad. There must be a repeated and continuous practice of the portions. The practice involves solving various questions on each chapter as well as giving mock exam papers which includes preparation from IMO Class 9 Previous Year Paper 2011
  8. Guidance: It is a known fact that even for some basic things it would be tough to complete them without proper guidance. Hence it is important that a student takes a proper guidance from a faculty or any such expert so that the experience of that person can be reflected by the student in a certain way. Also, this step includes the process of visiting the website of the Olympiad and understanding the basic things it wishes to convey.
  9. Rectification of mistakes: As various processes such as practice, working of mock papers, samples have been done a student will be able to know where they stand along with strengths, weaknesses etc. Thereby they need to make sure they rectify their mistakes.
  10. Maintaining calmness and wellness: This is though not a particular or specific step, however, it is important that a student writing an Olympiad must make sure he or she is both physically and mentally fit to write them.

Thereby the above mentioned 10 steps would in a way be compulsory for a 9th grader in order to have a successful Olympiad. However, they can take a few extra steps of their own to prepare.

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