Growing Cannabis in a Closet – How to Keep it Small and Still Have Success

Many people who wish to grow weed often don’t do it because they don’t have ample space. But, what if we told you that you could grow weed in a closet? You heard it right. 

What is closet grow?

It’s a space in a cabinet, closet or storage room, which is repurposed and kitted out with the equipment to grow cannabis.

Regardless of their advantages, Closets are not a plant’s optimal growth climate. 

The step-by-step process of setting up a closet grow includes some significant elements.

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Things You’ll Need:

Closet space

Grow light

Light timer


Tray for pots

Growing medium

Air ventilation


Seeds/ clones

Carbon filter


pH meter

To avoid mishaps in your closet grow, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Grow Lights:

A 400W HPS or a cool CFL or LED grow light might work wonders.

LED would be a fantastic option. They’re expensive, but you can make your own by doing a little DIY project.

Using a programmable LED, it’s easy to control spectrum and intensity, so your plants get what they need.

Grow Medium & Supplements:

One might not want the soil to be all over the space in a closet. Hence, coco coir, clay pebbles, perlite, or Rockwool are a few mess-free mediums.

For coco coir as a substrate, you might need nutrients made explicitly for it.

If you are using it on a restricted budget, a DIY ebb and flow method can be the thing for you.

Air Flow

Proper ventilation is vital for every grow. But when it comes to closet grow, the air gets used up quickly.

Filtering the smell is necessary too, or else the place might smell.

A small vent fan of around 4 inches in diameter is enough to control the airflow.

Place it outside the closet and set a vent ducting into the closet. 

You might have to change the gate of your closet or make a cut through the gate.

Plant Height

If you’re growing in a closet, space is an issue. You might have under six feet of vertical space, so you need to maintain the height to avoid stretching.

If your plants are pretty close to the lights, they might get burnt.

It’s vital to maintain a distance between the canopy and the light to prevent “light bleaching”.

In this way, to ensure that your plants are small, you must pick strains that will stay short-heighted. 

Controlling Stretch

You can control stretch by controlling the amount of phosphorus available to the plant.

At the point when levels are decreased, shoot growth is decreased too. 

It is a technique that needs to be performed with utmost caution.

Assuming you carefully restrain phosphorus in the early flowering stage, you can get a decrease in the stretch with zero adverse outcomes – and indeed, a slight phosphorus deficiency can make the plants look healthier and greener.

Light Spectrum

One last detail about stretching to master – the ratio of red to far-red light impacts the amount that your plants will stretch.

If a red light is higher than far-red, your plants will have limited internodes. If far-red light builds, the internodes will grow longer, and you’ll wind up with tall plants and powerless stems.

Lastly, we would like to say that it is vital to take care of all the above-given factors to ensure that you can grow weed in the closet properly.

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