11 Cool Ways to Wear Diamond Pendants

There are several ways to express yourself using diamond pendants. The desire for self-expression started between 90,000 to 100,000 years ago when man created jewels using shells. 

No wonder jewels, including different types of diamonds, remain one of the best ways to show your unique style. 

Pendant diamonds can make you look sophisticated and add glamor to your outfit. Here are 11 cool ways you can consider when wearing diamonds.

1. Keep Your Dressing Simple

Diamond is a glamorous jewel, but you do not always have to dress up for it. You can wear a simple dress that will allow a diamond pendant to draw attention to itself. 

Diamond jewelry will add a sparkle to your simple black outfit. A monochrome dress is an effortless way to wear your diamond pendant.

2. Diamond Pendant with Casual Wear

Diamond jewelry is not only for special occasions. You can incorporate them into your casual look. A chic solitaire diamond pendant and diamond stud earrings can work well with a casual T-shirt and jeans. 

It’s possible to choose a different diamond pendant with different shapes and styles that will match your casual look. Choose a pendant that will accentuate the neckline and make you look gorgeous. 

3. Choose Small Jewelry

Different diamond styles will work for you depending on the look you want. Smaller diamonds are good for a simple look, but they can also have a big effect. 

A delicate piece of the diamond pendant can help you complete a casual look and catch people’s attention in a crowd. It can also boost your confidence which is good for your overall presence.

4. Match Your Neckline

Think about the neckline of your shirt or dress. Make sure the diamond pendant you wear matches your neckline. 

Consider wearing tops or dresses with scoop necks, off-shoulder tops, v-necks, and strapless outfits. These outfits will make your diamond pendant more visible and attractive. Remember to avoid tops that are too detailed.

5. Add Layers

A diamond pendant is a jewelry that stands out without accompaniments. But sometimes, you can add a little layering to elevate your style. 

For example, you can add tennis bracelets and diamond rings to express your individuality. Make sure these accompaniments complement your diamond pendant instead of competing with it.

6. Consider Different Types of Diamonds

Diamond pendants come in different shapes and styles. Other than the solitaire pendant, diamond pendants can be halo, fancy, or monogram. They also come in different colors. 

Choose your favorite color to match your personality. For example, you can choose yellow, emerald, or black diamonds. You can also choose a vintage or luxury diamond. 

7. Wear your Diamond Pendant Above Your Collarbone

A diamond necklace looks stunning above your collarbone. It’s the best place for jewelry to attract more attention and it ultimately helps boost your confidence. 

Diamond jewelry above your collarbone causes you to subconsciously adjust your posture. It makes you push your chest forward and walk upright. So, after wearing your diamond jewelry, look in the mirror and adjust it to right above your collarbone. You can also consider wearing a tennis bracelet to complete the look.

8. Make Your Diamond Jewelry the Main Focus

Stunning diamond jewelry will always be the center of attention in any look. Make sure your jewelry looks good on you and catches people’s attention. 

This means your outfit should complement and not compete with your jewelry. For example, if you wear a coat and an emerald diamond pendant, the coat should complement the pendant. 

Diamond jewelry is a precious gem that should draw people’s attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

9. Add Diamond Jewelry to Bold Makeup

Elegant diamond jewelry will enhance your makeup. A shiny diamond necklace can make dark eye makeup and bold lipstick pop. Beautiful jewelry can balance your makeup as follows.

  • Classic Jewelry Pieces

Simple but classy jewelry pieces like a solitaire necklace and diamond stud earrings can enhance cat eye makeup and bold lipstick. 

This combination will bring out a classy look without overstating your overall makeup. Classic jewelry makes you look chic and beautiful.

  • Matching Jewelry Metals

Build eye shadow color from precious metals like gold, silver, and diamond. For example, warm eye color tones like red, purple, and brown match well with gold metal. 

Other cooler colors like grey, blue and black match with silver and diamond. Choose jewelry like chunky necklaces and bracelets to complete this look.

  • Conservative Jewelry

Conservative jewelry works well with conservative makeup. For example, conservative diamond jewelry matches a neutral or a natural complexion. Use nude lipstick or some slight pink color. 

This will give you a polished and balanced look that makes you comfortable. If you have a conservative personality, this look will suit you.

10. Get Creative Hairstyle to Match Jewelry

Add some jewelry to your hair to match your outfit. A diamond hair clip will complement a diamond pendant and make your look unique.

Beautifully place the clip on one side of your head and add luxury to your beauty.  A conservative pendant, hair clip, and necklace make you look and feel elegant.

11. Consider your Shoes and Bag

Diamond jewelry matches well with specific shoes and bags. Choose a classic handbag and shoes if you want to complete your style perfectly. Diamond jewelry should also be classic. This is a perfect look if you are attending a business engagement. 

If you choose a colored diamond pendant, make sure your shoes complement them instead of competing with the jewelry. This creates a balance and makes your diamond jewelry the center of everyone’s attention.

Key Takeaway

A diamond pendant is a lifelong statement that adds a spark to your style and makes you confident anywhere you go. So, you need to know how to style your diamond jewelry to bring out your individuality. 

Wearing a diamond pendant also shows your creativity and uniqueness by choosing cool ways of wearing them. These ways help you to express yourself and stand out. The jewelry lets you think beyond what is obvious and shows your personality. 

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