4 Tips for Making Leggings a Part of Any Outfit

Believe it or not, there are still those who claim that leggings aren’t pants and shouldn’t be worn as such. Thankfully, there are so many people, mostly women, around the world who are proving them wrong by making leggings a crucial component of their outfit on all sorts of occasions. With comfort being priority for millions of women out there, it’s no wonder that leggings left the gym long ago and found their place in the street, clubs and bars and even offices. And why not? As long as you follow some basic rules of combining leggings with just the right pieces of clothing, you can wear them anywhere. Here is what you should know about styling your leggings.

Choose the Right Footwear

There’s joy in variety and you’ll feel plenty of that joy when trying to find the best shoes to complement your favorite leggings. Being that leggings basically are sportswear, they’ll look great with sneakers, whether they’re the lace-up or the slip-on type. Aside from your sneakers being as sporty as your leggings, they’re also equally comfortable, which is something you should let guide you through the fashion side of the shoe-legging combos. This means that you should feel free to wear your leggings with such shoes as ballet flats, sandals or loafers, but they’ll probably work best when matched with a cute pair of chunky ankle or knee-high boots. They’ll even go well with heals, as long as they’re not stilettos. In fact, if you’re keen on staying in your leggings, stilettos are definitely something to avoid, as they match neither the style nor the comfort of leggings.

Be Smart with Colors and Patterns

From slick black to vibrant colors to playful patterns, you can now find high-quality leggings to match any of your moods. They can be seamless and figure-flattering, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t also be brightly colored, which is something that you can utilize to make a statement. One of these statements can be choosing to buy from companies that are encouraging body positivity, but you don’t have to stop there. Whether you want your leggings in green, yellow or pink, it’s likely that you already have something in your clothes to combine them with. You can even go with a multicolored piece, as long as one of the colors matches the color of your leggings. On the other hand, you might want to wear graffiti-themed or floral leggings to reflect your character. This is also something you shouldn’t hesitate doing, but then you should opt for a single-colored top to complete the look, and if you can match the color of your shoes or bag with the color of your top, you’ll know you’ve done a good job.

Uplift Them

On their own, leggings aren’t really an elegant piece of clothing, but you can easily upgrade them and make them look chic with a tasteful top. First of all, when deciding on the top, don’t go for ones that are too short, but rather those covering your behind and down to the middle of your thighs. Similarly, the top shouldn’t be too tight, as leggings are tight enough on their own and are best paired with tops that are loose. A simple button-down shirt will do fine, especially if you add a nice belt to the mix, but so will a silk blouse. Wearing your leggings at work or for a coffee date with your friends or your partner can easily be pulled off with a nice oversized sweater or even a patterned cardigan and a colorful shirt underneath. In this combination, it’s OK to make the shirt shorter, tighter and as simple as possible, meaning that it hasn’t got any buttons and that its lines are clean, as the focus should be on the cardigan or the sweater that will cover it.

The Type of Leggings Matters

Last, but definitely not least, it’s essential that you buy proper leggings. What exactly does this mean? Well, above all, when shopping for leggings, touch them to see what kind of material they’re made of and then stretch the material in your hands a little, to see if you can see your hand through it. See-through leggings aren’t something you should ever leave your house in, as they’ll look cheap and no clothing item you pair them with can fix that. Next, make sure they fit. A muffin top isn’t really attractive, so you need leggings that are ideal for your body type and size. Also, when in a dilemma over whether you should get the matte or the shiny version of leggings, always go for the matte fabric. They’re easier to incorporate into an outfit and they look more sophisticated. Finally, when it comes to length, pick full-length leggings each time. This means that they go down to your ankles, as that way they’ll resemble pants, which makes them just the right amount of formal you need for your everyday style.

There’s no need for you to refrain from wearing your leggings even when you have no plan whatsoever to work out. Just make sure you stick to the smart tips above and you’ll be dressed properly wherever you decide to go.

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