4 Top Ideas for Promoting your Products on New Year’s

The New Year holidays are a time when everyone lets loose – there’s the lingering aftereffect of Christmas celebrations, the cold keeping you snuggled in your blanket where you turn to retail therapy, and of course, the oh-so-enticing end-of-year sales that just draw you in! 

And for businesses, it’s the perfect time to bank on the opportunity and promote their products before everyone returns to normal life – giving their sales that one final push. But simply having the best products on display is not enough – the way that you market your offerings is what actually seals the deal!

And you’re in luck because you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to market your products!

Here’s how you can promote your products on New Year’s:

  • Hit them with the Emails

For today’s individuals, emails are like an apple a day – they’re a permanent fixture in people’s lives, they tend to keep problems at bay through swift communication, and it’s hard to imagine life without them! And rolling out email campaigns to promote your New Year’s products is the perfect way to capture the market at just the right time. And luckily for you, you can leave all of your email designing worries behind thanks to PosterMyWall’s New Year’s email templates!

Not only does PosterMyWall have a large, fully customizable variety of email templates that you can edit to your products and brand’s outlook, but the platform is also super easy-to-use, making the experience an even better one. Simply choose a template that you like, make some edits, and have it on its way to your consumer list, targeting them to drive conversions!


While the specific content and time period of your emails will differ, a good benchmark is to send out two to three emails per week and to make sure that you’re including all the necessary content – including CTAs and contact information. 

  • Run Paid Ads

Of course, sending out emails or using other organic marketing channels is one side of the marketing strategy, but the other – equally important one, if not more – lies in paid advertisements. Running paid ads on Google, Instagram or Facebook is a great way to promote your New Year’s products not just to your existing customer base, but also to segments of the external population that hold similar characteristics – driving up your chances for sales conversion. 

Make sure that your ad combines a mix of visuals and text, keeping both captivating and attractive for the generic internet surfer. And that’s it! Once your ad is up and running, you’ll soon see customers pour in – just don’t forget to add a link to your website so that viewers can be redirected!

  • Contextualize, Contextualize, and Contextualize!

Remember, the greater the context, the better. Not only does context help build a narrative, but it also holds a grounding force where situations become more evident. And adding context to marketing activities surrounding your New Year’s products is key to making them sell!

You might be confused about what exactly ‘context’ means here – well, it means setting up the scene for a product where it’s depicted as a real-life usable item that drives benefits to the consumer. For instance, you could pitch a hair straightener by showing it as a multi-purpose time-saving tool that allows you to nail your work presentation look in the morning and still make it to your New Year’s party while looking glam! 

By doing this, your viewers will stop seeing the hair straightener as a product that they have to pay a certain amount of money to buy, and start seeing it as a necessity that’s missing in their life – hence, they’ll become more inclined to make a purchase! 

  • Join the Festivities!

Of course, there’s no better marketing tactic than embracing the festive season! When people see different products and services being marketed in themes of Christmas and New Year, they become more drawn to it, paying the product greater attention and developing a stronger tie to it. 

You can use New Year themes in your marketing by including specific colors such as gold, silver, and black, and include visuals such as fireworks, New Year’s parties, or champagne. Once customers see these visuals, they’re more likely to get wrapped up in the holiday spirit and delve into your brand. And of course, the best holiday tactic is to actually wish your customers a happy holiday! 

Print out New Year’s cards – you can find great New Year card templates on the PosterMyWall site – and hand them out to customers when they make a purchase or even when they just visit the store!

So, if you’re looking to promote your New Year’s products, then these tips and tricks are your go-tos – just be sure to add customizations according to your brand! 

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