When Japan allows to open a casino legally. What will happen!?!

At first I thought I would write another story but happened to see the news that presented the story. Permission to open a casino in Japan which I personally feel is something new and not happy Not really sorry feel some rumination Allowed to open a casino is Directly allowing legal gambling is to bring money to exchange chips. Chips exchange money directly. The law supports it, but there must be many rules. This kind of style is not present in Japan yet. There are only avoids Just avoid the word gambling. But to be honest, I think it’s gambling.

Initially, there was a contest asking for where to open the first casino in 日本カジノ いつ between two cities, Yokohama and Osaka. This has long been debated between the opposition political parties and the government. Since the current opposition was the government had presented this matter for consideration, but abandoned It’s surprising that when I used to be the government I was able to support casinos. But this time is the opposition. Against the opening of the casino Despite the conclusion that the casino is allowed to open is quite certain. and set out to open the first in Osaka The opposition still did not stop. Because of the reason that it will cause people to become addicted to gambling without withdrawal, and there will certainly be consequences.

While the reason for the government’s approval to open a casino for what?! To put it simply, the current creditor of the Japanese government is the people of Japan. but there is no circulation of money in the system The government also lacks income to pay interest. The solution is money circulation in the system and taxation is more adequate and more than it is now. 

One business that is currently everywhere All over Japan is a pachinko business, slot machines, or something similar. One bet. These businesses, even though the company pays taxes to the government, is considered very small. because people use cash to play And there are many tax evasion zigzag channels. In addition to betting that there is also a racecourse. There were already lotto and other forms of gambling that were legal before.

In addition, some sources may have pirated casinos before, but the ones who are in control are the yakuza, whose money does not flow into the government treasury.

The state saw a way of salvation by raising money from these businesses and thus allowing the casino to be opened legally. Still, it’s not anytime soon. Another reason is that the government spends a lot of money on preparations for the 2020 Olympics. If the Olympics are over, there won’t be any big events that will suck up the money, but around 2025 in Osa prefecture. To be hosting the World Expo, the government hastened to push the casino project up. and scheduled to be completed in time for this event as well

Speaking of gambling, everyone knows it’s a bad thing. There is no way to get rich because of gambling for sure. Therefore, please use your discretion in reading.

Today I give an example of evasive gambling. that are open in Japan nowadays horse racing boat It might be difficult for someone who doesn’t know Japanese because the way to play and how to buy money is quite cumbersome. But pachinko people who know some language will probably play along. He is here

There are many racecourses, even around Tokyo. If the commission percentage is around 30%, the bet would be to choose the horse that we think will win. And choose according to the topic of the list, most of which are in the field here uncles 日本 カジノ いつ  gathers a lot including my grandfather When he was still alive, he liked it very much. My father also teases my grandfather that he likes to go to the zoo. A garden with only horses!! My grandfather took half of his pension and it was all gone. It’s a pity.

Boat races, motorboats, and their sources have groups of people who like this type of gambling. Maybe you don’t even have to go to the racetrack. Because some cafes have monitors and set up a place to see. and bet there

the government’s management. Who hopes to get rich with the hardest lottery or lotto? Cheaper than horse racing. Friends, read more here. “Not one in a hundred, but you are 1 in 10,000,000”

Bicycle racing, In fact, there are many bicycle racetracks everywhere. The market is quite wide. I met many acquaintances who were these racers as well. There was a retired boss of mine returning to work at the bike race temporarily. said that only people who looked addicted to drugs Looks like there is no job as the main source of gathering. Some people can even play professionally and become an expert.

PachinkoIt is the largest gambling market in Japan. But avoid the word gambling as an entertainment business instead. Considered to be a source of luck with many shops at the train station. open legally There are various types of machines such as pachinko that uses steel balls and slots that use coins to play. The method is to drop a steel ball into the slot to break the jackpot, but most players are likely to lose more than some of them go in for more than an hour. lost tens of thousands of yen.

There are pachinko shops all over the country that say they avoid the word gambling sites. Open legally plus a big black Maybe a big police officer retired partner And there is a special system that he uses called (Santenhoshiki) which is a 3 shop system (in the same group but acting as if it is separated into 3 parts).

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