5 Great Ideas to Upgrade Your Home for Remote Working Using Ikea Black Friday Deals

For decades, technologists have trumpeted the ability of the internet and personal computers to change the modern workplace, contributing to large-scale home-based jobs and a decrease in the need for office space. Building on these findings, a growing body of research has also examined the possible benefits of remote work for employers and workers alike.

Remote work has been shown to increase employee productivity in certain cases. For example, in a recent experiment, a travel website provided volunteer call centre workers with the opportunity to operate from home. A randomly selected subset of volunteers was permitted to operate from home, while the remainder acted as a control group. In the experiment, those who were allowed to work from home were more efficient and recorded higher satisfaction.

The onset of the covid19 pandemic has thrust this reality upon millions of works, and working from home has become somewhat a global norm and Ikea has recognized the need to facilitate this trend by coming up with a furniture line focused at working from home.

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Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 is a few weeks away, and many of the big retailers such as Ikea and have already announced Black Friday deals and are helping shoppers get a jump start on the savings by releasing their mega-deals earlier than anticipated. In addition to killer savings on furniture, you can kit up your home office with essentials to get you set up for productivity comfort and convenience.

When is Black Friday 2020?

This year, Black Friday falls on November 27 – it’s on the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday. Having said that, retailers such as Ikea have already kicked off their Black Friday deals.

5 office essentials to upgrade your home office, we recommend from Ikea

1- Great Desk

Getting a desk that offers everything you need in terms of a workspace is important. Ikea has a range of desks with surfaces made from environmentally friendly chipboard, with a high-quality feel. You can customize them by choosing specific sizes and colours or by adding accessories like monitor mounts. Ikea office desks are built to withstand anything from insane major projects to coffee spills. The desks are suitable for work, specifically built and tested to stand up to even the craziest working days, and come with a 10-year limited warranty so that you can rest assured and concentrate on getting better ideas.

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2- Relaxing Chair

Good chairs are worth the investment, especially if you are going to spend eight or more hours on it every day. Getting the ideal chair for you reduces the chances of back problems. Get a comfortable chair, and it helps keep your posture straight. Comfortable office chairs mean more time to focus on the work. This also means greater productivity and more opportunities for collaboration. The Ikea swivel chairs come with features such as armrests, height-adjustable seats, lumbar support and ergonomic designs that your body will love.

3- Laptop stand

The benefit of using a laptop is that you won’t be confined to a desk all day. And when working from home, sometimes a change of scenery is necessary. Laptop stands support puts your devices at a better angle, whether it’s on your lap or a kitchen countertop – and the rubber strips keep it firmly in place making it great for typing and online meetings. We love the versatility of laptop stands. As they deliver plenty of stability, whether working on the couch or in bed, plus you can tilt the angle of the surface to various degrees to suit your preference you’re. This makes it great for use after-work hours too, when you put the laptop away you can use the stand as a sketching station. These are great for holding that morning cup of coffee too

4- Plugs

Setting up a home office might mean setting up in an area without power sockets and if you’re plugging in a laptop to a monitor, chances are you’ll need to plug in several items, like printers, charging cables, and maybe network routers. That’s where you will need an adapter.

5- Cabinet storage

What is an office without cabinets to file your documents and other paperwork? A good filing system will save you time looking for paperwork. Storage units and cabinets keep things underhand, reducing clatter and come in various sizes and shapes to match your decor. Many of them are lockable, so keep your documents and fancy pens are kept secure. Designed and developed with a view to quality and safety, they have a 10-year Ikea guarantee.

Where and how to find the best Black Friday deals?

Do yourself favour and start shopping early. The sales will be available online and in-stores, with some deals only available in physical locations, so be sure to do your research early on.

Also, please note the for this year, IKEA Black Friday Deals will be available only online because IKEA store locations will remain closed.

We highly recommend making use of Slickdeals, you will be able to get discount codes and promo coupons that give you up to 40% off certain product lines.

We understand it can be boring to be at home all day. One thing that could help is to decorate your new workspace to your taste, and Ikea has a whole range that can help make your office space have a different vibe, whether it’s adding plants, picture frames with your loved ones and maybe some scented candles or oil diffusers.

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