The great playing career of Ole Gunnar Solskjær

When thinking about excellent players from Norway, probably Erling Haaland is the first name that comes to mind. However, during the 1990s and the early decade of the 2000s, another Norwegian player was also breaking nets on many football matches. Of course, we are talking about Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Fans can visit 1xBet – popular website for betting online offers all opportunities to place wagers on Norwegian football.  

Perhaps most people remember Solskjær as the coach of Manchester United between 2018 and 2021. However, he was also an incredible striker for the Red Devils between 1996 and 2007.

In more general terms, the Norwegian had a prolific professional career between 1990 and 2007. In addition to Manchester United, he performed for other squads, such as:

  • Calusenengen;
  • Molde;
  • and the U-21 and Norwegian national squads.

While Solskjær’s relationship with United might have been damaged after his coaching role, before taking the job he was considered as a legend in the team. The 1xBet website is a popular option for betting online on Manchester United and any other important football squad from anywhere across the world.

Lots of goals in Norway

Solskjær made his professional debut in Norwegian squad Clausenengen in 1990. His numbers on that team were truly impressive. In fact, on average, he had more than one goal per game. On everything about the Norwegian squad can be wagered on at the website. This caught the attention of Norwegian giants Molde, who signed him at the beginning of 1995.

After multiple goals on both Norwegian teams, Solskjær’s next destination was none other than Manchester United. Many excellent goalscorers play regularly for the Red Devils, and whenever they are in the field, 1xBet is the ultimate place to wager on them.

Arriving at the Red Devils

By mid 1996, Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to sign Alan Shearer for Manchester United. The 1xBet mobile version features all the matches from the English Premier League, where many bets can be made. However, after the negotiations for signing the English goalscorer collapsed, the manager set in motion his backup plan. Of course, this was signing Solskjær, who at the time, while being a great Norwegian footballer, was practically unknown outside of his country.

The skeptics were quickly proven wrong. In fact, he was known as a “super-sub” and the “baby-faced assassin”. The former nickname was due to the fact that he seemed to always score after coming as a substitute.

Solskjær also scored the goal in the legendary UEFA Champions League 1999 final. When visiting the mobile version of 1xBet, it is possible to bet on all the matches on the UCL.

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