5 Ways To Enjoy The Sunshine While Working Remotely

When you’re working remotely and it’s a beautiful day outdoors, the temptation to take your work outside may simply be too strong to resist. Whether you’re a full-time remote worker with extensive zoom backgrounds requirements for video calls or whether you’re simply opting to work from home for a day or two, remote work can make it relatively simple to get some vitamin D and rays of sunshine while still squeezing in an honest day’s work. However, in order to minimize distractions and risks, there are a few tips you should know about first before going out to enjoy some sunshine during your workday.

Camouflage Your Workspace

If you’re going to work outdoors, why not go all the way and “camouflage” your workspace to match the natural setting? Taking steps to set up an outdoor office and protect your equipment may take a little time, but it could pay off by the end of the day. For instance, you may wish to:

  • Set the mood by purchasing nature-themed outdoor chairs and tables to work at
  • Leave expensive and heat-sensitive company equipment inside and take cheaper equipment, such as a loaner laptop, with you outdoors
  • Protect your computer, mouse, and other tools from the heat by setting up a sun umbrella or working under an awning
  • Purchase a screen cover for your computer to prevent sun glare
  • Dress lightly and appropriately for the weather
  • Keep things professional by heading outside with a clear-cut to-do list and downloading a zoom office background with company logo if desired

The Benefits Of Vitamin D

If you’ve set up your outdoor office and prepared for remote calls by learning how to set virtual background in teams, you may be wondering whether you can expect any benefits from your workday in the sun. You may be happy to learn that this extra dose of vitamin D may:

  • Raise your motivation levels
  • Improve your mood and state of mind
  • Give you a more positive attitude towards your virtual coworkers
  • Increase output and daily productivity levels
  • Support better all-around health

In short, it’s possible to enjoy the sun on a remote workday if you prepare. Before you try this working arrangement, make sure to:

  1. Swap out stuffy office furniture for sturdier outdoor options, such as lawn chairs and a portable work desk or laptop stand;
  2. Prevent ill effects from too much sun exposure by putting on sunscreen, sunglasses, and a broad-brimmed hat before going to work outside;
  3. Keep your work equipment protected by using sun shields, setting up an umbrella, and even switching to cheaper or loaner equipment if necessary;
  4. Double-check to make sure you can still connect to the nearest wifi hotspot;
  5. Prepare your workload for the day before heading outside so you won’t need to go back in repeatedly for various files or supplies.

If you’re working at home, whether full-time or just for a day, and you want to take your work outdoors to catch some rays, there are a few tips that can make it happen safely and easily. By taking steps to camouflage and protect your workplace, as well as yourself, you can put in a full day’s work while soaking up the sun.

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