5 Ways To Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills As A Working Woman

Whether you work in an office or you are a professional business woman, you have to understand that the competition in the business marketplace doesn’t give room for people who can’t think strategically and stay ahead of their competitors.

The ability to think critically improves productivity and work-related performance. This is why establishing yourself as a strategic thinker is very important.

We’ve compiled the top 5 ways that skilled women use to improve their strategic thinking.

1- Observe

To be regarded as a strategic thinker, you have to be a master at evaluating and analyzing situations critically. As a working woman, these skills can be developed through your power of observation. Professional women get caught up in trying to acquire other life skills. This make most people naturally assume that you would be a good observer.

In reality, there are very few people with good observation skills. To be regarded as a good observer, you must have a keen eye for the little details and clues people ‘leave behind’. This helps you assess the situation better.

Your ability to observe in critical situations will give you an advantage in seeing all the angles to a problem. This will be your foundation to finding a sound strategy for overcoming the obstacle.

2- Speak Strategically

If you are sound in strategy, then it must show in how you think, speak, and act. People expect you to sound strategic as a strategic thinker. Once your communication is lacking in strategy, people assume that you don’t think strategically.

Skilled women who are strategic thinkers know how to structure their communication in a way that it reflects their thoughts. They know how to direct the audience to focus on the principles behind their message and help them identify the solutions to their problems.

Critical thinking as a life skills can be learnt with effort and dedication. Learn how to pass your message across. Keep communication as crisp and distinct as possible and prepare to engage your audience on every conversation level possible.

3- Think Long-term

Having a long-term vision helps improve the ability to think critically. You are less likely to make rash short-term decisions that can affect your career growth and work-life balance.

Once you have highlighted your long-term plans, you must understand the challenges you are facing and identity the obstacles to your goals. Doing this will help you strategize your actions in a bid to overcome these challenges and be successful.

Each obstacle you surmount on your long-term plan gives you a better experience and a much better understanding of the solutions to the remaining problems. You get the opportunity to do what needs to be done with a sound strategy.

4- Note The Current Trends

As you are looking towards your long-term vision, enhance your awareness of the current Trends. You can’t afford to be shortsighted when it comes to this. Your ability to do the two effectively shows how much critical thinking skills you possess.

Identify the present trends and know what currently works in your industry and attract your target audience. Look to the present to get inspiration on what project needs implementation. You can also target trends that are predicted for the near future.

When targeting a trend, acquire as much information as possible about it. Obtain enough knowledge about how it survives, thrive and replicate. Once you have acquired enough knowledge, you can execute your plan and take the necessary actions.

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5- Think, Act, and Reflect

An insight into women privacy shows that most skilled women have a jam-packed schedule that leave them little or no time to ponder and reflect on their choices and decisions. Having time to think by yourself is very important and let you display your true value.

Thinking helps you act on the decisions you’ve pondered on in the right way. You get to challenge yourself and gain clarity with these actions.


In conclusion, improving your strategic thinking skills is a choice that you must make if you are to be relevant and of value in your industry. Being recognized as a strategic thinker brings more offers through your door and get people to listen when you speak.

The challenges you are facing in trying to improve your critical thinking skills can be overcome with persistence, dedication and consistent growth. Don’t stop trying to be a better version of yourself.

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