6 Best Sports Podcast To Follow in 2021

A podcast, as a type of a show, has been gaining popularity in recent times, and this trend appears to be going nowhere else but sky-high. The quality of a podcast mostly depends on the host, or hosts of the show, their guests, and the topic they discuss. This type of format is popular because it fails to fit the norms of a standard TV show and it faces no other boundaries regarding duration, vocabulary, and focus on a particular subject, than the ones imposed by the participants. Thus, originality and quality improvisation are the ones that make a difference. When sports podcasts are in question, not only the aforementioned but also that the host knows what they talk about is of utter importance. So, if you are not sure to whom to confide your attention, read our list of best sports podcasts to follow in 2021.

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1. The Dave Dameshek Football Program
Source: NFL.com
Nowadays, everybody knows what is best for their favorite football team, so you can say that Dave is what you would call the “voice of the people”. The show is all about the NFL and the content is just what the fans want to hear. Besides Dave’s, you can expect to hear the thoughts of NFL analysts and former legends that will make your daily dose of football as good as it gets. Everything worth mentioning that has happened on the football court will be mentioned in this podcast with a detailed report and analysis you want to hear about.

2. That Peter Crouch Podcast
Source: BBC
Soccer fans know how a soccer player should look like, but they also know that Peter Crouch fails out of that category. On the other hand, his soccer IQ was unrivaled by defensive players from all over Europe and he has established his position as one of the most unique appearances on the soccer field. Fortunately, he has not gone far since retirement, since now he hosts a podcast, who would say, about football, accompanied by Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce without whom the show would not be as good as it is. They drink beer, sometimes dress as nuns, talk about soccer, and will definitely make you laugh, especially if you are a fan of British humor. There is nothing else you should expect from a sports podcast than these 3 guys deliver, and with such ease.

3. FYF Sports Debates Podcast
Source: twitter.com
If basketball is your cup of tea, then the NBA must be your favorite flavor. Jokes aside, but this is the podcast you would like to devote your time and ear to, not solely because Lamont Lane and Stephan Johnson are former basketball players themselves so they do not lack the competence, but also because they know how to entertain and inform their viewers at the same time. NBA is not solely a basketball league; it is an ever-evolving history whose former glory is almost as important as its bright future, thus, expect to find content about current league ongoings, but also enjoy debates about the most dominant basketball figures of the past decades. By watching FYF Sports Debates Podcast you will not only be the first to know about NBA novelties, but you will enjoy the show these two guys put on regularly.

4. Puck Podcast
Source: facebook.com
There are a few hockey-related podcasts worth mentioning, but this one embodies everything that you need if you want to stay up to date with the latest NHL news and more than scratch the surface of what is really going on in the league. Your hosts Eddie Garcia and Doug Stolhand will have you both informed and entertained if you have time to spare since their debates can last up to 3 whole hours. Surely, if you are a die-hard hockey fan, this will be a delicacy that you would savor as it is as short as a whistle since they host it solely once a week. Besides pure statistics and the results from the past week, you will be able to enjoy exclusive interviews with the best of the best players that once used to hit the puck and now have a thing to say about former days of glory.

5. Baseball America
Source: Podcasts Apple
The name of this podcast tells you everything you need to know about it, and, shall we emphasize, everything about baseball in America. Yes, everything. Since they devote their time both to minor and major leagues, it is no wonder they broadcast their material every week. Namely, you can expect to find details about players, teams, statistics, and other standard data about the teams and their standings, but they also devote a significant portion of their time to player development. Therefore, if you seek one place to have it all, this would be the podcast for you.

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