How to Make Reaction Videos with iTop Screen Recorder

How to Make Reaction Videos Screen Recorder

Reaction video is one of the most popular types of video streaming right now. It even has a dedicated section on many video sites. Just sitting in front of the computer watching other videos and reacting can get thousands of views and traffic. There are many such videos on Youtube and Tiktok

The purpose of making reaction videos is not just to get viewers to watch, some are just to record your big moments. Of course, making reaction videos is a cost-effective way to do it anyway

The Way to Make Reaction Videos with Screen Recorder?

While it’s easy to make a reaction video, a good screen recorder can often make things easier and save you more time preparing and picking out which videos you want to record next. iTop Screen Recorder, is a screen recorder with many functions, ideal for recording reaction videos

Below are some of the features of iTop that you might use to make a reaction video

– Equipped with camera recording

The most important thing about making a reaction video is to let the audience see your reaction, and iTop can record your reaction and the video at the same time, or you can place your footage anywhere in the video

– The new version can do video editing

The new version of iTop has added new editing functions, if it is just a simple editing, you can use iTop to complete all the creations

– One-click upload to cloud disk

iTop also has the function of one-click uploading to social media Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, etc. and cloud disks

Why do celebrity reaction videos go viral?

The reaction video first generated amazing traffic on youtube, and the fire reaction video can even reach millions of views. However, the fire reaction videos are only a few, and more are still not watched. The reaction videos of celebrities are usually more popular, because celebrities already have many fans, and the reaction videos they post are similar to vlogs, allowing fans and ordinary people to see their real side.

For stars who seem far away from us, making reaction videos is also a great way for them to show their fans who they really are

Types of Reaction Videos That Are More Likely to Go Viral

There are various types of popular reaction videos, and the following are some of the more popular types

  1. Exaggerated reactions. For reaction videos, exaggerated performance can catch the audience’s attention better. Coupled with the best cover, I believe that people who see it can’t help but click in. Then there is the problem of video quality.
  2. Reaction videos of game videos, as games become more and more popular this year, games have even become a way of socializing for young people, and there are a lot of high-level and interesting game videos. These videos are undoubtedly good material for reaction videos. Alia Shelesh, who started out as a game streamer, also played a lot after making reaction videos

Reaction video can be said to be one of the best video types, it can quickly connect with the audience, and the fans are very active. It can be said that if you want to transform or just start making videos, reaction video is a good choice.


Reaction videos are one of the hottest video genres right now, and they are known for their funny reactions and sharp words. If you decide to make a reaction video, iTop Screen Recorder is a good choice, you can download it to explore more features, iTop will not let you down

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