How Does Provably Fair Gambling On Bitcoin Casinos Work?

Crypto gambling sites are creating a revolution and the reasons are complicated but early adopters are aware of the basic concept. It is bitcoin allows maintain your anonymity and move money fast. Besides, the entire blockchain system, which is the foundation of bitcoin is decentralized. 

Blockchain technology has resolved issues that gamblers and casinos have been experiencing for years. Gamblers have always been doubting casinos playing unfairly but bitcoin and blockchain offered a solution. It is called ‘provably fair game’. 

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What is provably fair gambling?

Provably fair gaming is a technical solution, which ensures that any casino game is played fair using the bitcoin blockchain. Every player can double-check if RNG [random number generator] worked arbitrarily as expected. Traditional online casinos have undergone plenty of scams, where gamblers had to depend on regulators or gambling commissions to follow RNG on their behalf. 

Due to scams, online casino owners have a bad reputation. Nevertheless, a provably fair game with blockchain technology is a total game-changer. Players don’t need to depend on external support or technical knowledge to find out if the gambling platform is cheating or not. 

Provably fair gambling technology gives instant access to information as soon as the game is over. Players can check if the results were genuinely random. The casino shares encrypted end results before your bet are placed and allow you to check if RNG was working really in a random way as expected. 

How provably fair work?

Bitcoin blockchain technology offers transparency necessary in online gambling. A cryptographic hash is used in provably fair systems, which is unbreachable. The entire process starts before placing the bets and the game round starts. 

The RNG generates the result in the background. Two separate random number seeds are created. The end result is the combination of both these seeds. The operator can explain how the seeds actually work together and give the outcome. 

The program encrypts the seeds, which are sent to the player in a hashed version. Players can use the bitcoin hash later to verify the end results’ randomness. 

When the game round is completed the user will see the outcome as well as receive original starting seeds in a non-encrypted format. 

Provably fair gambling works because –

  • The result is generated before player bets. It means the casino owner did not wait for a chance to manipulate the betting and final result. 
  • If cheating happens then you can check the encrypted seeds received at the start and compare them with the non-encrypted seeds received after the game. 

Casinos have their method of combining two seeds, so understand it.


A provably fair system shares the source code with every player, which generates transparency. It was unavailable in traditional online casinos. Players can analyze how games work and outcomes are generated. Sharing source codes builds trust among players for the online BTC gambling site and they feel confident. 

Provably fair technology is here to stay!

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