What is rollover in betting?

In the world of online sports betting and online casino, there are a number of frequently used terms that every good player should know. One of the ones that you will see most frequently is the rollover, so we have decided to dedicate an article to it so that you can know exactly what it is about.

Knowing what rollover is is of enormous importance. With this word, we are referring to the obligation set forth in the terms and conditions of betting a specific amount a minimum number of times before proceeding to withdraw funds from the user’s account. Given the importance of rollover, it is best that you read the terms and conditions as carefully as possible to be clear about what it is about at all times.

The rollover in the betting conditions

In Casino Barcelona’s online casino and sports betting offer there will always be a series of conditions that must be met in order to enjoy certain advantages. It is for this reason that our first great advice is that you should know the conditions of our UFA website in as much detail as possible.

The rollover is a condition that must always be fulfilled, but it is not the only one since it is not always the same and many others can appear along with it. In some cases, a minimum number of bets must be placed in order to achieve certain prizes or potential rewards or, simply, only bets placed on markets with odds that are 1.20 or higher or on certain games will be taken into account, if We are talking about the casino. It can also often be the case that neither Asian handicap bets nor accumulators are accepted in the face of betting rollover. The same can happen with certain types of casino games.

Rollover types

You should know that the rollover is changeable since it is fixed in each specific case. Users may have different views and opinions about what a good rollover is, but it is often thought that a rollover x5 or less in Bets is very interesting for the release of possible prizes. In practice, this x5 means that a minimum of 5 times the amount we have must be wagered in order to be allowed to withdraw. Said with specific amounts, if we put 30 euros and they give us another 30 with rollover x5, multiplying them by 5 we see that we will be forced to bet 150 euros at a minimum fee (specified in the terms and conditions of each promotion) before proceeding to make any type of withdrawal.

Of course, you may see much higher rollovers. The greater this condition, the more complicated it will be to comply with it and, therefore, the more difficult it will also be to take advantage of the announced advantages. It is true that the rollover is completed with other conditions such as the terms you have to comply with it, but such high rollovers are not usually a good option for bettors, simply because it is very difficult to comply with what they ask of us.

More conditions on rollover

When you want to know the rollovers that we apply in our online casino, it is essential that you know as much as possible about their conditions. One of the most important is the maximum deadlines with which you have to comply with everything. 

The most common is that they give you a period of between 7 and 30 days to achieve it and thus be able to proceed with the withdrawal of the profits that you obtain thanks to the game or the bets that we are talking about. The deadlines will always appear well specified in the terms and conditions in any case. Do not lose sight of this fact and think carefully if it fits your possibilities before launching yourself to try to fulfill the rollover.

Many users may not know it, but the rollover is vital to understand that only the winnings you get are withdrawable and not the total. You will be able to use the money that you receive from the website for your bets on football, your bets on tennis, or the sport that you like the most, but you will only be able to withdraw those profits that you achieve and as you are able to comply. With his rollover to release them. You must be very clear that rollover is a mandatory condition to be able to withdraw your winnings, which, moreover, is not usually easy to achieve.

To reach the amounts expressed by the rollover as a condition that we must meet, it is important that you know that not all games contribute the same percentage of what you play in them for their release. Obviously, in this case, we are talking about online casinos. 

Online slots are the only modality that will contribute 100% of what you play towards the rollover. This is important, especially when you compare it with the 15% that modalities such as roulette or 5% of blackjack can contribute.

Conclusions about the rollover in bets

Once we know what rollover is in betting, we are sure that all Casino Barcelona online casino and sports betting users are already aware of its importance. The rollover is a mandatory condition when it appears, so you must know all its details before you even start playing to know if you will be able to fulfill what it asks of you or not.

In this sense, you must manage not to decide based on the amounts that you can potentially win and make a deep analysis of the rollover and the rest of the conditions that it entails.

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