Searched and not found: We missed these games in 2020

For well-known reasons, many of us spent 2022 mostly within our own four walls. So it’s a good thing there were enough really great games for all platforms! We waited a very long time for some of them, such as The Last of Us 2 , Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Animal Crossing: New Horizons , before they were released.

However: with many other adventures, the impatience isn’t over yet. We’re talking about potentially exciting games, some of which have been in development for years, where you’d expect a release date to be announced any day now, but are still dormant in the limbo of development.

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New Pokémon Snapshot

Although we’ve had 2022 with New Pokémon, we can’t speak of a gruelling wait since the Switch title wasn’t unveiled until the summer of 2022. However, given that it’s unlikely to be the biggest production of all time, it’s unusual that we still don’t know when we’ll be able to reach out. The basic structure of the first game for the Nintendo 64 probably won’t change much: we traverse colourful levels along a set route and try to photograph all sorts of pocket monsters of different sizes and varying degrees of attractiveness on camera. By baiting them with apples, we can provoke them into special poses or even make the hidden critters show themselves.


Wild takes only second place on the list of games with the longest showing time in this video, with an announcement at Gamescom 2014. We’ll come out in first place later. What is Wild? An open-world survival game in which we tackle daily survival in the period from 10,000 to 2,500 BC. The world is randomly generated and instead of just running around with our human character, we can also control all kinds of animals thanks to the powers of a shaman. None of this sounds too exciting, but behind the game is none other than Rayman inventor Michel Ancel and the newly founded studio for the game. Or stuck: According to his own claim, because he wanted to pursue other interests, Ancel left the games industry in 2022. According to him, his departure will not affect development in any way, but whether this is the case, time will tell.

bayonetta 3

Before Platinum Games took the plunge and announced that they wanted to publish their own games from now on, they got on quite well with Nintendo. Even before Astral Chain was released exclusively for Switch, a brief teaser for Bayonetta 3 , the next action game for the titular all-girl witch, was announced in 2017. Completely insane, fast-paced action, wild combos and a cool heroine who hits with her hair instead of swords have been eagerly awaited by fans of its predecessors ever since. More than three years after opening without any new information, it begs the question: what else is coming? Is there a development problem? Platinum Games no longer wants to publish the game on Nintendo, which is the reason an add-on is being developed? Has something else gone wrong? Very rarely have Platinum employees dared to publicly promise that the game’s production will continue, but how true that promise is is anyone’s guess. We hope that 2021 will finally be the year that Bayonetta will let her hair down again.

Skull and Bones

Just as Immortals: Fenix Rising later grew out of the core idea of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey , the development of Skull & Bones goes back to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag . The ship’s battles from the Assassin adventure were so well received that Ubisoft decided to make their own game out of it. Skull and Bones was at E3 2017 revealed and was even playable. There were only multiplayer sea battles, but they were quick and fun. The finished game is also promised to offer a single-player campaign, usually Ubisoft’s open-world setting. The only question is whether we’ll ever see the finished game. First it was supposed to come out in 2018, then 2019, then 2020, and now there’s no release date at all. It is now known that at some point development of the game was practically restarted due to unspecified “new ideas” . It remains to be seen what part of the original concept will eventually remain.

Dying light 2

Like many of the games in this video, Dying Light 2 was introduced at E3, in this case in 2018. What was established in the German-indexed predecessor should be continued here: we go as a sort of messenger through open space with a playable zombie world and, in addition to gun violence, above all rely on our talents in the park to survive. Compared to the first, there should be twice as many movement manoeuvres, as well as an even bigger, more interactive world. The biggest changes are expected to come on the narrative level: 15 years after the events of the original, the new protagonist Aiden Caldwell has a lot more opportunities to actively influence the course of the story, such as making alliances with different characters. factions and making moral decisions. Sounds good! Now the thing just has to show up at some point .


No E3, but one of the rarest announcements at Gamescom: Biomutant presented and managed to attract a lot of attention at the 2017 show. An action role-playing game, of course, with an open game world, it stands out from the competition with its interesting premise. Instead of zombies, science fiction or classic post-apocalypse, a world ruled by mutated, highly intelligent animals awaits us here. Our job, as a self-made mech, is to save the world from a natural disaster, primarily by using all sorts of ranged and melee weapons and various special abilities against nasty enemies. It sounds exciting, and has been playable several times since it was announced, but almost always in the same demo. When announcing the game, the developers said the game was almost ready. Three and a half years later but still no release date .

Hollow Knight: Silk Song

Announced in February 2019, we’ve been waiting every day since then for Hollow Knight: Silksong to appear, or at least get a release date. However, nothing has happened since then, apart from a short gameplay demo at E3 2019. The Australian indie game is the sequel to 2017’s Hollow Knight, which is considered one of the best 2D metroid titles of recent years. Originally planned as DLC, the scope continued to grow, so the creators decided to develop Silksong as a standalone game. Instead of running and jumping as the knight from the first child, this time with a new heroine, Hornet. In essence, the gameplay will be very similar, but all sorts of detail adjustments are waiting for us, as well as a whole new game world full of dangerous insects and other challenges. There’s one thing you can definitely expect again: a really challenging difficulty level.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Is it too early to expect a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ? Well, I guess we weren’t the only ones who suspected that these could be big Nintendo Switch games for the 2020 festive season. That alone didn’t work out, instead there was Hyrule Warriors: Season of Devastation to play a dynamic spin-off. It’s good, but we’re looking forward to the real sequel even more. Since the first part is still almost four years old, it can’t be too far away. Apart from the short trailer, there hasn’t been much to watch since the premiere. Are we going back to free Hyrule? Apparently yes, but rumour has it that additional areas await us.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

In addition to Skull & Bones, Ubisoft has another game that’s been in development for ages, and you can’t be sure where the journey is going and, above all, when it will end. And this one probably has even more gamers’ hearts.We’re talking, of course, about Beyond Good & Evil 2 , the sequel to the 2003 action-adventure masterpiece . years before that gameplay trickles in and once even a CGI trailer, but showing a very different, very similar gameplay and atmosphere to the debut. “Proper” part two, on the other hand, goes in a completely different direction, including game-as-a-service elements, an open world or open universe and a prequel story. It hasn’t been heard from for a while and now, as mentioned, creative director Michel Ancel has left the gaming industry. Will it ever appear again?

Metroid Prime 4

The development history of Metroid Prime 4s is more confusing than almost any other Nintendo game: shown in the logo at E3 2017, there were only mini development status updates until January 2019. It wasn’t even known which studio was behind it, with rumours that the reins were in the hands of Bandai Namco. We intentionally speak in the past tense because two years ago Nintendo released a video saying that they were unhappy with the quality of the game and that unknown creators had been relieved of their task. Retro Studios, the developers of the original trilogy, have since sat in the director’s chair. Also, no news about the game has been released at all since then, with Retro’s irregular announcements aside. Will 2021 be the year of Metroid Prime 4?

Dragon Age 4

Is it fair to include Dragon Age 4 or whatever it will be called? Well, the developers at Bioware and Publisher Electronic Arts have never said anything about a release date. However, the latest installment in the series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is over six years old. Since then, the creators have certainly not covered themselves in glory, after the disappointing Mass Effect: Andromeda mega-failure called Anthem , a failure in terms of gameplay and massive financial failure, may be around the corner: the ladies and gentlemen at Bioware should devote as much time as they need, rely on creativity and a compelling story, not on a funding model that is as invasive as possible, and thus find their way back to their former strengths. Nevertheless, we’d love to see the results of these efforts this year and see how the fate of the world of Tedas unfolds. The soft CGI trailer for the Game Awards was also not the information bomb we’d been waiting for, and, as a new Mass Effect is created at the same time, we’ll get to see how the studio’s internal priorities diverge.

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